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3689555782?profile=originalNoted without comment from PETA's website:

The drones are being sold in our catalog, and PETA aims to see a fleet of Air Angels patrolling the skies this fall, capturing footage of hunters engaging in cruel and/or illegal activities—such as shooting deer from the side of the road, baiting fields for ducks or geese, or using dogs to chase turkeys. The footage can be streamed live via the Internet, uploaded to the Air Angels page on PETA.org, and delivered to game wardens in order to apprehend and prosecute offenders.


Research shows that 60 percent of animals who are shot by hunters flee into the woods to die slowly and in pain. For every animal killed by a bowhunter, another escapes injured. Wounded animals can suffer for days or even weeks before dying. In addition, when a mother is shot, her offspring are often left behind to starve to death or be killed by predators.

Wildlife watchers outnumber wildlife killers five to one—and if even a fraction of these kind people use Air Angels, they'll go a long way toward exposing hunters' dirty secrets. With PETA's drones soaring overhead, we hope wildlife scofflaws will think twice before heeding the call of the vile.


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    This just in: PETA drone video feed hacked, used to locate prey.
  • @Gary Mortimer

    Respect, mate.

  • If PETA wanted to save animals for the reasons they state in suas news they would be better off using the aircraft to scare the animals away from roads, that would save human lives as well.

  • Definitely approaching the Peak of Inflated Expectations here!

  • Such a bad idea...this has got to be an attempt to grab attention right? They really cannot be this ignorant can they?
  • And PETA's lawyers are O.K. with this???  I thought privacy issues were the problem for those who chose to build and fly "drones".

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    @Michael thanks for the link ;-) Really should do more there, our Jackal 1 is now 160km away! We have learnt a stack on this project and are creating new ways of tracking things and making it happen day in day out.

    Whilst on the environmental rant, this from a manned helicopter from my friend who I am ramping up some things with.


    Its dead fish, the poison and acid released from the coal mines in the highveld have poisoned the dam, killed the algae which has consumed ALL oxygen in the water, killing thousands of spawning carp. 

    Mother nature might just need your drone images to help fight her corner folks!

  • Where's the dislike button?

  • PETA should definitely spend it money else where. IMO it should be on high altitude & high endurance airplanes with sharp long lenses mounted on 3-axis brushless gimbal. If you're going to take incriminating footage, do it stealthy. Paint the bottom white or blue too.

  • There's another element of irony here: PETA encouraging the use of a Parrot product at all, given that the original AR Drone was used to harass at least one animal with Parrot's blessing.  Video below:

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