Mesa, AZ

About Me:

LAN engineer by trade, electronics engineer, musician, RC enthusiast at heart. Am an RC helicopter nut. Co-workers call me "President of the helicopter club"... Currently have 2 Hirobo Leptons and Trex 600 as experimental platforms for autonomous CCPM.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Being the ultimate gadget, I must be involved in the UAS scene. Always had an interest in and hobbies involving robotics, electronics and RC.


Currently Mesa, AZ

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John Church commented on lilvinz's blog post quanton flight control
"5 years later... :D
Any recent activity with Copter on Quanton? Would love to move this board to the Ardu platform."
Mar 17, 2020
John Church commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post FAA Proposes $1.9 Million Civil Penalty Against SkyPan International for Allegedly Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Operations
"Not abiding by a regulation is illegal? Why is it called a regulation and not a law? Listen, obviously regulations and guidance are a good idea, but unfortunately Huerta's comments are a good reason folk don't take the FAA seriously."
Oct 6, 2015
John Church replied to hft seeker's discussion closing this thread
"Hmmm... needs to float... Are you firing up an island delivery firm? I could swear that there have been full-scale conversions posted here. I recall someone adding Ardupilot, but pilot still in control. That still doesn't address your long range…"
Aug 20, 2015
John Church commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Drones & Privacy "The Real Truth"
""Personal house airspace violation =) "
Maybe not. It appears that 83' is the precedent. Of course, this stuff is in flux.
Aug 3, 2015
John Church commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM-powered submarine runs ROS
"Sharing Jiro's sentiment- amazing agility! ROVs have been on my list for a while, and now is looking like a prime time to get my feet wet... :)"
Jul 17, 2015
John Church commented on Lester Haines's blog post PRATCHETT stratospheric spaceplane test mission live tomorrow
"I will be tuning in- thanks.
Since the question was raised, I assume that servo current is being reported. This will indicate any impact due to lubricant viscosity changes."
Jun 12, 2015
John Church commented on Dan Wilson's blog post Autonomous Airborne Docking for Refueling or Recharging
"Totally sweet; Now they can find their own food. The end is near... :D"
Apr 18, 2015
John Church commented on Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz's blog post Lost Developer Edition Iris on ebay...
"I think Jason and friends had an Iris go bye-bye in the area..."
Sep 10, 2014
John Church commented on jlcortex's blog post Huge quadcopters can be attractive alternative to fixed wing for mapping and survey
"Yes, Andrew, but FDM is not the only 3d printing process ;)"
Aug 18, 2014
John Church left a comment on Moderators
"Yeah, maybe the mods in question don't check this group and an email needs to go out."
Aug 11, 2014
John Church left a comment on Moderators
"More blind blog posting, I see..."
Aug 7, 2014
John Church commented on Max Levine's blog post Autoquad just got smaller :)
"Hey, Bill, what's this quatos stuff? I can't find much about it over on autoquad."
Aug 4, 2014
John Church left a comment on Moderators
"It sounds like the site could be an asset. Posting as a blog doesn't seem too much of a stretch."
Aug 2, 2014
John Church left a comment on Moderators
"What happened to the nice blog on drones and 3d printing? Was that a user-deleted blog, or did someone catch an issue?"
Jul 30, 2014
John Church commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post Why FRSky CPPM signal is so disappointing. [UPDATED]
"If it's in wii, it can be in APM  :)  Let's get a dev.'s eyes on this to cover the base. JAB, you in here?"
Jul 28, 2014
John Church commented on Daniel Wibbing's blog post ObliX: multirotor-blimp-drone
"Daniel, I think Jack's comment pertains to the type of blog that most recently seems to dominate the front page. Thanks for posting some tech. :)"
Jul 22, 2014