The sUAS market for surveying applications are dominated by fixed-wing aircraft instead of multicopters. The reason is obvious, the multicopters have very short flight time and can not run long flight plans.

I'm not sure that this will go on for long. There are already many multicopters exceeding the hour and half flight time(only experimental flights without payload). Right now there is technology to stay one hour with a reasonable payload. Part of the "secret" is that the payload represents a small portion of the vehicle weight, which in practice is equivalent to using a larger multicopter.

The advantages of multicopters with respect to planes to do this kind of work where you have to move to an area where, almost certainly, you will not find a meadow of green grass is obviously the launch and recovery. Multirotors no need catapults, nor any parachute and not need landing strip, the roof of a vehicle can serve.

We are working on a very special model, it is a quadrotor with 1280mm diagonal for 27-29 inch propeller and a takeoff weight of about 12Kg. Though not proven, estimate flight time will be about 1 hour with 2 kg of payload.

Printing huge multicopters. All parts of this multicopter but arms and frame plates has been printed in PLA. it have about 112 hours of printing:




Pixhawk. Watch this! Pixhawk size compared to the frame:





Best regards,

Jose Luis Cortes


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  • Hello Marius and Nicholas, answered, sorry for my late answer!!!

  • If somebody is looking for finished and certified solution for heavy lift take a look at this one http://www.dronetechnology.eu/rpas-mcfly-helios/

    It has twin chutes to get clearance for urban operations and is approved by local aviation authority. It was designed to carry 7kg ordinary 3D laser scanner for 30-40 min.

    It comes with UgCS PRO license as added bonus.

  • I should say that I did get a pm and an email from Jose. I replied with a few questions and didn't get a reply. I sent about 3 or 4 emails all with no response.
  • Woudl be great if you could contact me aswell. Many people are frustarted with the lack of comunication from quaternium at the moment. Please give me a headsupp of whats going on.

  • hello, yes! hehehe, i send you a private message

  • Does anybody know how to get in contact with the quaternium crew? I have sent multiple messages and emails through their website but no reply.
    I'm interested in a spidex pro with gimbal for a nex.
  • it is not a product, i have sold 2 units as prototype, none of them are flying at the moment.

    If you are interested please send me a message

  • Hello Jose! This is looking great!

    Will this be sold as a frame-kit or as a complete flying unit?

    /Per, Sweden

  • I leave you some pictures of the finished prototype



  • Nice! Looking forward to some flight time data.

    Just linked to this post from Slashdot. Some people question the effectiveness of multicopters for long range work, and I thought of your post.


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