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I have a UAV EFI business in Spain: www.loweheiser.com



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jlcortex commented on jlcortex's blog post Looking for collaboration to make a high altitude challenge with EFI gas engine
"hi Frederic
Yes, it is true, a propeller that thrusts well at sea level possibly has zero thrust at 10,000m. Right now I have no idea how to do these calculations.

In my opinion we have to found a balance, a large propeller with a lot of pitch but…"
Mar 23, 2021
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Mar 14, 2021
jlcortex updated their profile
Mar 14, 2021
jlcortex posted a blog post
I am looking for a collaboration with a drone company to do a high altitude flight experience. We are starting a small company called Loweheiser, we are developing EFIs for small engines for UAVs. Right now we are developing a throttle body for an…
Mar 14, 2021
jlcortex commented on Utsav Chopra's blog post 4 Ways Drones Help Authorities & Businesses Fight COVID-19
Mar 28, 2020
jlcortex commented on jlcortex's blog post 5 years of hybrid drone development: 8 hours and 10 minutes.
"Hi Zhangqi,
It's been hard to beat your 7 hour 17 minutes record, Your team also did a good job!
As you know 8 hours is not the limit..."
Mar 4, 2020
jlcortex posted a blog post
Hi, I would like to share our last challenge. I think it is probably the longest flight with a hybrid gas-electric drone:In December 2015 we published our first record:…
Mar 2, 2020
jlcortex commented on Patrick Meier's blog post Affordable cargo drone now available after testing in 3 countries
"Don't believe your engineers, engineers always want to do cool things like precision landing, I honestly don't think the M600 has any practical utility in that application. range of 15km? Really? And if it were true How many medical centers do you…"
Sep 20, 2019
jlcortex replied to Anton Vanhoucke's discussion Radio modem / GPS antenna setup
"Same problem, 
Switch on the RFD868x and no GPS, RFD868 seems a jammer of GPS
Has you found a solution?"
Sep 13, 2018
jlcortex replied to Seppo's discussion RFD900, RFD900+ - New long range radio modem
"Some one using RDF868x???
We are trying to install one of them, and we are having serious problems with GPS. This does not even do 3D fix. 
It lost almost all satelites when we switch on the RFD868
We have tested RFD900 in the past and not problems…"
Sep 13, 2018
jlcortex commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post First DIY Zoom Gimbal
"I am not Greg!
Yes, we talk about the same, stabilize the image by software.

I mean when you have all zoom in you could need than stabilization algorithm could control gimbal, but it the same algorithm, yes, to compensate yaw drifts, like a…"
Jun 6, 2018
jlcortex commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post First DIY Zoom Gimbal
"OlliW, Maybe even in the opposite direction, that the stabilizer acts on the gimbal to maintain a frame and compensate the drift of the sensors. 
You are doing a great job with the STorM32, I would like to face the development of a camera for our…"
Jun 6, 2018
jlcortex commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post First DIY Zoom Gimbal
Do you slow movements when zoom in?
I see you have another cameras with digital output, Has you researched about tracking and digital stabilization for this sensors?"
Jun 3, 2018
jlcortex commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post First DIY Zoom Gimbal
"Damian, it is a surveillance camera, it is PAL, same format you can transmit with any analog video TX. It is not a to make nice youtube videos.
it has not bad look:
Jun 3, 2018
jlcortex commented on Graham Dyer's blog post 450 Wh/kg SolidEnergy batteries, the lightest rechargeable cell in the world?
"This seems similar to a Spanish company called Grafphenano. The company announced batteries of 1000Wh / kg based on Graphene. Now they are condemned for fraud.
The funny thing is that these projects are very profitable, more profitable as less…"
Jan 30, 2018
jlcortex commented on Kay Wackwitz's blog post The Drone Market Environment Map – These companies will disrupt 2018
"we are here!"
Jan 19, 2018