HYBRiX, 3 hours and 35 minutes flight time in hover

Hi all,

I would like to share our last experience. It is a flight of 3 hours and 35 minutes in hover. It is our longest flight so far, the flight is an internal test in which we did not plan to fly so long. In fact we had 400gr of extra weight that could have been removed and the fuel tank was not full at all. We take off with 5 liters but it is possible to fill 5.2 liters or so.

The relevant thing for us is that this unit is a "stock" aircraft, we have not made any modifications, lightening or additional fuel tanks to do this test, the maximum flight time of the aircraft should be about 4 hours, obviously without any payload. I think that in normal operation flight times should be between 2 and 3 hours.

Regards, jlcortex
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  • A maximum of 5kg (11lbs) with full fuel tank

  • Hello what payload can it lift?

  • Nice work!

  • @Joe Renteria, Thanks!

  • @Greg Dronsky, I thing vibrations are not a problem, I think it is one of the advantages of the hybrid configuration if it is compared with helicopters, the combustion engine is completely isolated because the power is transmitted by wires and the engine does not need to be rigidly anchored to the frame.

    For example, this video is a gopro without gimbal, with simple isolation system:

    Now we are testing with zoom cameras and we see than full zoom with a 18X camera is perfectly usable. Of course some vibrations but about the same than electric multirotors. I will upload a video.

    @Nikola Rabchevsky, for prices please ask commercial team at info@quaternium.com

  • Do you have any additional vibrations due to hybrid system?

  • How much is this beasty?

  • Great work...
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