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I am Utsav Chopra, Managing Digital Marketing operations at FlytBase Inc. Here at FlytBase build a solution for drone automation.

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A UAV Enthusiast. Learning more things in drone automation.



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FlytBase, Inc. flagship product FlytNow is a cloud-based drone video streaming & fleet management solution, which provides a web-based portal to manage live drone operations remotely over 4G/LTE/5G. FlytNow provides live HD video feed, drone & camer…
Jun 29
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Powered by sophisticated computer-vision algorithms, FlytDock allows you to precisely manoeuvre the drone to land on a charging pad or a docking station. Coupled with Skysense's outdoor charging pad, FlytDock can be seamlessly integrated for complet…
Jun 23
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Jun 4
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Jun 4
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Jun 4
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Drone delivery is not a new concept; it has existed for over a decade, especially in health care. A company called Zipline has been doing medical deliveries in Africa, long before Amazon came into the picture with its Prime Air service.
Another star…
Jun 4
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Fully Autonomous Drones Lead to Continuous Improvement of Inventory Operations in Very Narrow Aisles “Innovation, thought leadership and resourcefulness. Status quo is never good enough. We must always do better than yesterday — more with less, fast…
May 29
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FlytBase, Inc. announces the launch of a Preferred Partner Program designed exclusively for drone system integrators, solution providers and drone hardware OEMs. With the mission of helping enterprises automate and scale their drone operations, Flyt…
May 27
Utsav Chopra posted a blog post
Commercial drones are now becoming a mainstream technology, with the 2020 pandemic serving as a showcase for how drones can save human lives.
Drones have been used for delivery long before Amazon announced its Prime Air service. Founded in 2011, Zip…
May 19
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Drone technology has witnessed a rapid maturity curve - with regards to not only hardware and software technology but also the use cases across industries and sectors. Consumer drones have gone past the typical use in film production and recreationa…
Apr 29
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Observational surveillance systems rely on the capabilities of the cameras employed, but the main limiting factor is the stationary nature of the cameras in a traditional surveillance system. Now, surveillance can be achieved utilizing drones; it ca…
Apr 21
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In the wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak which has affected almost every nation, government organizations and law-enforcement agencies are in search of an effective solution to fight this pandemic with minimal human interaction.Drones seem to be…
Apr 2
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COVID-19 i.e. the coronavirus disease has been aptly called the Black Swan of 2020 — a global contagion that will disrupt public health and the global economy. With social distancing turning out to be insufficient, governments across the world are m…
Mar 26
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FlytNow Guest Link Sharing offers the capability to share live drone video feed and telemetry with teammates and clients.Scroll down for the step-by-step tutorial.Remote Private Access to Drone Fleet, Live Video Feed & TelemetryEnterprises worldwide…
Feb 24
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The need for security and surveillance — whether residential or commercial — continues to steadily increase in a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Privacy, not just security is becoming as much of a concern — wi…
Feb 7
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The commercial drone industry is rapidly maturing – across industries, geographies, use-cases, and business models – thanks to advances in UAV hardware and regulation. An incredibly rich variety of drone hardware has been built, tested, piloted and…
Jan 29