Hi to all,I can see you community are thinking in arduino for UAV controllers, i am designing some uav boards for a complex universitary project but development is too slow and i am thinking to build a wiring or arduino based PCB with all hardware integrated in a small board to start playing.The board will have:- ATmega128 (under wiring)- inertial sensors for 6DOF (without any vertical board!!!)- Absolute pressure (altitude)- Diferential pressure (pitot-tube)- Xbee Pro (100mw)- optional 2 axis compass (HM55B)- 8 x servo output- 1 x GPS (uart) input for a external any nmea gps- 1 x PPM input (4 servo input)- battery voltage and probably 2 extra analog input.- size - probably no more than 40 x 65 mmI can study any suggestion, but it have to be esential.IMU - this small board have a interesting conbination of inertial sensor to complete 6DOF in order to avoid vertical boards:Acelerometer (X,Y,Z) - MMA7260Q (analog output) or LIS3LV02DQ (SPI output)Gyros (X,Y) - IDG-300 (3 gyros in the same chip analog output)Gyro (Z) - MLX90609 (analog and SPI output)It is really compact solution,in my other project i am acquiring analog sensors thought 16 bit ADC but in this project i would like to use AVR analog inputs.i attach some PCB and schematic progress (very preview), please any suggestion will be welcomed.Questions,- I am using a 4017 CMOS to decode PPM signal from microcontroller and in this way only use a PWM output for all servos, it could be dificult to implement in wiring or arduino, is it? Wiring seems to have 8 PWM outputs, it could be better to remove 4017 and connect servos directly to AVR???- Accelerometers conected by analog (MMA7260Q) or SPI (LIS3LV02DQ)?I think it could be good design for non software-experts-uav-hobbyist like me, complete solution and all very very easy.jlcortex

Schematic Prints.pdf


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  • My understanding is that gyros will drift.
    Do you need IR sensors to provide absolute horizon?
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    For those who aren't clear on the difference between Wiring and Arduino, they're both open source hardware using the same language and IDE, but Wiring is based on the ATMega128 chip, rather than Arduino's ATMega168. What the means is that although they have the same processing power, Wiring has more memory and I/O pins. Details here.
    Compare \ Wiring
    Wiring is an electronic sketchbook and hardware electronics for developing ideas. It is a context for learning fundamentals of computer programm…
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