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bGatti commented on Jan's blog post $350 3D printer! Makibox A6
I want to apologize for the feelings you expressed above.
In context - the crowd-funding model had - at that time - got a bit ahead of itself, and begun to border on fraud IMO; a fraud that would use DIYdrones as part of it's promotional model.…"
Sep 5, 2013
bGatti commented on Josh Nacol's photo
"Everyone wants a really small footprint with huge carrying capacity, long range, and time on target.

Forget about it.

Efficiency drops by the cube of the airfoil speed;

ducted fans aren't merely inefficient, they are exponentially less effective…"
May 28, 2013
bGatti commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Radio-based position tracking works indoors and out
"Notably; it's an active transponder, not merely a receiver as in GPS.

The challenge so often is that time of flight at radio frequencies is so expensive; probably because it requires custom IC design - and can't really be implemented with a…"
Nov 21, 2012
bGatti left a comment on Image Orthorectification
"We will need an example set of data to work with...
Anyone have such?
ie images with GPS coords"
Nov 9, 2012
bGatti commented on Roberto Navoni's blog post VR Neuron is coming the first micro pc opensource thought the world of drones the Italian answer to Raspberry PI
"I wonder what price point you imagine?"
Oct 31, 2012
bGatti commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post Teensy 3.0
"Nice - Always a Teensy fan; never an Ardweeny.

(why - because com ports are bad, but virtual comm ports are worse - they cannot be labelled, predicted, or scanned - the user has to choose the comm port with no knowledge - aka guess. It's BS.)"
Oct 13, 2012
bGatti commented on Mark Harrison's blog post Interesting quad-specific power-train parts at Hobby King
"Attacking a product because it retains serviceability for multiple applications seems unnecessary.
This would appear to be a reasonable modification of existing ESC designs to improve their performance for Quads; without sacrificing their general…"
Oct 4, 2012
bGatti commented on Miguel Martín Mateo's blog post ArduPilotMega V2.0 Green
"This is evidence of an artificial angst which has emerged in the Open Source Hardware world - which uses the promise of Clones (aka derivatives, forks) to inspire loyalty. Despite it's democratizing rhetoric, this model collects value from many…"
Sep 28, 2012
bGatti commented on AVS's blog post Graphical Display of APM Program Structure
"yeah cool "
Sep 17, 2012
bGatti commented on Popa Stefan's blog post Indoor UAV capable of fixed point flight and efficient forward flight
"Maxime Carrier,

I love the visual - don't have an opinion on the name; but I'd love to see that fly;

even if it's just a computer model - I encourage you to mock that up...."
Aug 22, 2012
bGatti commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Target audiences
"so a comment on "Stability"

It isn't clear to me that the Marcy design is inherently stable or dynamically stable.

By the look of the wing "dihedral" this design would appear to be inherently stable - making it rather more difficult to maneuver.…"
Jul 31, 2012
bGatti commented on Matthew Schroyer's blog post Dangerous situation - RC catches fire while testing APM 2.0. Suggestions?
"So I would rinse it with charcoal lighter (hexathane aka electronics cleaner) while scrubbing it with a tooth brush; then I'd dry it with a heat gun at low heat.

I'd also suspect the overvoltage. ESC's blow when they have an internal fault with…"
Jul 16, 2012
bGatti commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Throwing more feeds & speeds at a problem
Jul 16, 2012
bGatti commented on Nick Arsov's blog post Opto isolated current/voltage/power sensing
"Just me - or doesn't the Allegro line offer galvanic isolation in a single chip? (current only)
not sure how I would address voltage across a gap - but it seems having a common ground is fairly universal."
Jul 11, 2012
bGatti commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Sonar revival
Jul 6, 2012
bGatti commented on Wojtek's blog post Robotic Eagle project. Ornithopter
"It's very cool.
big fan of orithoptry = efficient, quiet. cool."
Jul 2, 2012