The UAV is a combination of a plane and helicopter. Therefore it is capable of hovering and vertical take off/landing, just like a helicopter but it can also tilt forward to achieve horizontal flight the same as an airplane. This is done in order to maximize the distance and the speed of such an aircraft.


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  • Gary the "Ball Drone"is pretty cool!

  • Yes I know the v22 but I don't like how it is made, I plan to use a little motor in the tail to control pitch while in hovering mode. I think the control will be more flexible, increased weight but so I think that will be more fun to control.

    I still experimenting problem with ESCs on tricopter so I don't plan to make it before several month.

    So, how about your project, I want to see new images :)
  • Maxime the tilt rotor I was talking about earlier is the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey Check out the Wikki

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    I made a copy of the ball drone that did'nt need anyone to hold the sticks. The problem with these designs especially if based around an aircraft is holding position in any wind outside. There is a huge area for the wind to get hold of and with a single prop lots of time is spent compensating for yaw. Rather make it a contra and then have more control surface time handy to handle the wind.

    For those about to try and make one for themselves copy the geometry (control surface to prop distance) of the Pogo XFY 1 and keep the CG low, trouble with that is in forward flight you really do need a control board of some sort to sort out the aft CG.

    I believe there is a software version for the KK controller although I have never used one of those so could be making that up.

    We have a much nicer design and Rob @ http://www.flyingwings.co.uk was going to make them up but other silly projects took over!

    My money would be on a biplane quad design, there are plenty of those about. Actually my real money is on wings until battery technology reaches a point where the added advantage of VTOL does not come at the cost of duration.

    Here is where we were taking that

  • What servos are you using? On photo they look tiny and not standard shape.

  • I have made a singlecopter like the illustion fly in stabilization and alt hold mode by modifying the code of arducopter, which is not difficult at all. You can just fix the motor_quad to gain that.3692493547?profile=original

  • this isn't a new concept at all - I saw a documentary on several prototypes of full size tailsitters from 1950s-1970s but they sucked due to reasons such as difficulty controlling it in hover and poor pilot visibility... I knew these problems could be easily overcome with modern electronics. Good to see someone who has actually built it... hmm I wonder if they could be as agile in hover as quadrocopters ? anyway I think we'll see more of them in the future

  • this is amazing. so simple in design yet so efficient. i think the arduplane code be modfied for this with little effort. can u please tell what servos u are using. the servoes are very unusual. can u post a simple construction drawing and some motor and battery details.

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         Good stuff!  I imagine there's could be quite a difficult transition in the control logic if you tried to get it to lean over further...and maybe you'd need a stronger motor.  It's great what you've done, congrats!

  • Hypertaxi was our main source of inspiration when we designed it. However, the AS3X system helps you fly it, but you still need to be an advanced pilot. 

    In our case, the controller does 80% of the pilot's job. The video shows our first flight test. 

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