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  • Hi Hamish,


    Thanks for the Info. Knowing this details I think I will take a 'FreeImu'

    higher price but better parts.


    FreeIMU: an Open Hardware Framework for Orientation and Motion Sensing |
  • AK8975 magnetometer is in my LG phone which is not exactly a good thing, 8-bit ADC :/

  • They are already known and integrated in multiwii, and I launched a group buy for EU people here:

    52Euro including shipping in EU

  • No processor, the I2C lines and 3 IRQ out are available direct at the connector

  • Titeuf007: Probably since multiwii already supports the ITG-3200 and the BMA150 but im not sure whether the sensors go through a   second processor or if they are directly interfaced

  • The ITG-3200 and BMA150 are well known

    but never heard something about the AK8975 (compass).

    Anyway.., the price is really good

  • good news!does it possible to use it for multiwii?


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