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hamish commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anybody know the source of this?
"The quadcopters are AsTec Hummingbirds. Source:
Feb 14, 2014
hamish replied to Imtiyaz's discussion Use Smart Phone Sensors to Build Drone

I played with getting a serial connection to get my phone sensor data over to an arduino.

Ages ago and it worked but required a fairly modded phone! Also, no integration with autopilot.

Have a look anyway progsrp.moonfruit.com"
Jul 13, 2012
hamish commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post The end of my Modular Test Platform and a new direction
"@Paul Yeah, i'd say conceptual approach is a little too advanced, great book though. Design for homebuilders is an excellent reccommendation, it's sitting beside my bed right now!"
Oct 9, 2011
hamish commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post The end of my Modular Test Platform and a new direction
"read this http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/aeronautics-and-astronautics/16-01-unifi...
download and learn to use XFLR5 (free) http://xflr5.sourceforge.net/xflr5.htm .. it can get quite technical but it's totally worth it, you'll never have an out of…"
Oct 8, 2011
hamish commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Choreographed quadcopters
"why is nobody watching from the windows !"
Sep 25, 2011
hamish commented on bGatti's blog post 9 degrees freedom $56 with AVR codebase
"AK8975 magnetometer is in my LG phone which is not exactly a good thing, 8-bit ADC :/"
Sep 10, 2011
hamish commented on by.charly's photo
"from experience: solid bodies are like sound boxes, pad the motor mount or it will be kinda loud!"
Aug 15, 2011
hamish commented on CyborgCNC's blog post Mikrokopter with a POint of Interest transmitter, cool video!
"Very cool !  I like the wakeboarding system too, never seen that before."
Jun 24, 2011
hamish commented on trappy's blog post Video: Into the Night
"Some skills right there !
but like many things, you think you're awesome (and you look awesome) when you freestyle around the place, but if you actually set a challenge like "I'm going to slalom every one of those trees" you'll really improve ...…"
Jun 5, 2011
hamish commented on Janne Mäntyharju's blog post Quick&Dirty 2-servo aileron "flaperon" support for Ardupilot mega
"well controlling the two servos allows them to be used as flaps with a bit extra code?? depending on your airframe of course"
May 21, 2011
hamish replied to Mick James's discussion Variable Sweep Wing
"hmmmm, It will reduce drag a little because I imagine by sweeping it some wing will be hidden inside the fuselage, and a smaller wing area will reduce drag a bit (lift too).
The wing efficiency will also be reduced though, a swept wing promotes…"
May 18, 2011
hamish replied to Nathan Harris's discussion High Altitude Balloon Equipment Retreval
"You know you can probably load it beyond it's max weight, it will just glide steeper but thats even beneficial for you...better wind penetration."
May 18, 2011
hamish commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post China copy Ardupilot mega - ½ price!
"Buy from DIYDrones, all the profits go to making awesome new products and to those who deserve it !
I thoroughly doubt the chinese will invest their profits in pioneering affordable autopilots
at least thats what i like to think :X"
May 18, 2011
hamish commented on Mark Harrison's blog post An Idea for ArduPilot-based Differential GPS
"sooo from what i gathered off poor man GPS , If you could get both recievers to lock onto the same satelites then you're game?
Neglecting ionosphere interference and assuming identical recievers"
May 11, 2011
hamish commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Inverted pendulum quad now moves around, too
"well perhaps factories or something can afford to install a motion capture thing, but thats about it?"
May 11, 2011
hamish commented on Jason Short's blog post Android partners with Arduino for open Accessory standard
"brilliant !!  haha !  And there I was fiddling with the serial ports and things like microbridge!
It's such a pain to use the 3rd party serial API's or microbridge, so I guess $50 isn't toooooo bad"
May 10, 2011