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  • i think its no problem....its just a businnes.. ;)....go 3D robotics ! :D

  • Hey Chris, speaking of customer support.  I damaged my APM the other day when installing the board on my new frame. My hand slipped as I was putting in that screw on the backside of the APM. Chipped of a piece of the Atmega328 decoder ship, where the ISP programming pins are  and chipped one of the LEDs. The APM is still working. I can live with the LED being gone, but I won't be able to reprogram the decoder anymore.  Since I'm not very good at SMD solder and unsoldering, and the actually trace connecting the pin is gone too what are my options?

  • Unfortunately, "copying" is a part of the electronics business. Look at Samsung and Apple (considering Samsung was Apple manufacturer!). It's how the owning group uses that information and product, either to advance it, stay competitive, or monopolize.


    And look at the Mikrokopter team, in recent incidents of Chinese teams reverse engineering their code, their FC/Nav boards are becoming more custom and closed source, heck even their UI/ground tools and GPS are already closed source. Since they are not an ISO9001 type company, you need to live with the bugs and faults of the product--can't change it as a DIYer... and it gets to the point that the product is faulty.


    Having just bought a Arducopter (still waiting for it :) -- 2 weeks already) and with 5+ years in theme park robotics development, I hope to become a more involved contributor (if my company allows it ;) ). I hope the ardupilot team sees this as a positive sign and take advantage of the cloning manufactures to make the original better and the standard for any clones created, cause it's going to happen sooner of later. In the end, it's about the system as a whole. If you're just in it for selling electronics with no design evolution, well, get the lawyers out now.


    Heck look at Linux's history. Talk about reverse engineering....

  • Chris I agree with ur last four observations, but at times copying has driven innovation out resulting in the original creator going bankrupt. In the case of open source hardware it is unlikely to happen, reminds me of TED talk about open hardware ;)
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    Go ahead, buy your chinese crap!Save your $ 2.80.

    I can't believe how £!@@# short-sighted you are!!

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    Fab! This is a little of topic dont you think. Often these discussions ends talking about WHO Make €$¥. without this community and without the creator of this website, no one would be able to play with this tech for low budget. Making a clone for china market just Open so Many new doors.
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    Wow 72 comment :) So I think that the china cloner is not so good for our community and also for business models of Opensource community . Is true that the project is opensource , and so is possible to clone the project without any kind of legal iusse . But I'm happy if a member of our community that work hard on project use as starting point of his work our work . But clone a board only for resell at 1/2 price is only a stupid approach.

    In my experience i saw some user that need support for his Arducopter that buy spare board in reseller in italy that sell kit . Inside the kit there are Sparkfun APM , OIlpan , GPS .

    I try to assemble it , but some on apm don't work . Buy another kit , and had same problem , i check that board and it don't work . So when i meet these people their idea was that our project is not good.

    I help it to solve the problem and now they fly. So What i would tell . The problem of cloned board is problem of our community . If it don't work . The Arducopter Project is not good for the customers.

    Is important to define what is original and what not original. What have support and what don't have .




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    A markup of 50% plus another markup of 50% does NOT add up to 100% PROFIT... Just a MARKUP of 100%.
    This is a very different thing all together!

    For example a $ 3 item marked up 50% is now $ 4.50 not $ 6.00.

    100% profit on an item means it cost the manufacturer NOTHING!
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    @Fab... You really have to get your facts straight... Take an accounting course to tell the diff between margin and profit!

    Plus you are wrong about the ad revenue also!
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    Chris does not get ad revenue from this site... That belongs to Ning!
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