Oklahoma City, OK

About Me:

Founder and president of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists (PSDJ), developer of the DustDuino open-source air quality sensor node for journalism and community informatics, maker of maps, apps, and 3D models, and a technologist for Oklahoma City Community College.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I began experimenting with model rockets, RC craft and small electronics when I was young, with varying levels of success. That carried over into studying mechanical engineering in college, before the journalism bug bit me. Now I'm blending those backgrounds, as I'm interested in sUAS as a means to obtain photographic intelligence for the public good.


Springfield, IL

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Matthew Schroyer commented on Patrick Meier's blog post The First Ever 3D Model of a Refugee Camp Made with Drone Imagery
"Hi Max - SketchFab is the repository for models, but the model itself was created using Agisoft Photoscan. Once all the still images were extracted from the video, it took about 2 hours for the software to align the photos, create a dense point…"
Aug 18, 2015
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
Many of us recreational, semi-pro, and pro RPAS operators here on DIYDrones.com are fortunate enough to have had great dialogue with the public, sometimes even taking time off from our normal schedules or responsibilities to show others the wonders…
Sep 18, 2014
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
In a telephone news conference today, FAA Administrator Michael Heurta explained that the test sites will evaluate "what uses evolve," and consider "appropriate certificate and regulatory regimes."The first test site is planned to be up and running…
Dec 30, 2013
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
Over Thanksgiving, I planned to map out a bayou in north Louisiana, and use it as a teaching moment for high school students involved in the Drones for Schools program back in central Illinois.Due to issues with configuration and calibration, the…
Dec 27, 2013
Matthew Schroyer replied to Andrew Chapman's discussion Empty KML+GPX files from Plane logs?
"I see the same issue with a different GPS line format.
It does appear this also is causing difficulty for the Geo Tagging app. In the process of tagging the images, it appears the app is looking for values in the wrong columns.
So when you tag…"
Dec 4, 2013
Matthew Schroyer replied to Andrew Chapman's discussion Empty KML+GPX files from Plane logs?
"Also experiencing empty KMZ and GPX files. The KMZ holds waypoints, but not actual flight data.Also can't get the Mission Planner geo-reference app to work with LOG file, but this may be unrelated to the above issues.
Andrew, thanks for posting your…"
Dec 2, 2013
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
Recently had a chance to solder together and operate one of the smallest quadrotors on the market: the Crazyflie nano. It weighs less than 19 grams, and measures 9cm from rotor to rotor. The 3.7v LiPo 170mAh gives about 7 minutes flight time.…
Oct 28, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on Chris Anderson's blog post NPR: "Drone Hobbyists Talk Safety"
"Austin - I was about to write that the rules state that you can't fly within 3 miles of the airport at all, but on further reading AC91-57, I stand corrected. Circular states: When flying aircraft within 3 miles of an airport, notify the airport…"
Oct 28, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on Wipo's blog post Y6 / X8 Thrust efficiency test
"This is very cool! Thanks for sharing your research.
You note on your blog that the efficiency loss is an "acceptable result." Do you mean this is an acceptable trade-off for the stability you gain with the setup, or is there some other benefit?"
Aug 22, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Robots Podcast #136: Drone Journalism
"Thanks, guys! A lot of the work I do in and out of classrooms wouldn't be possible without the members of DIYDrones.com, who've innovated code, hardware, and systems solutions for small unmanned aircraft.
Watch out for Jordi Orlando, too, folks.…"
Aug 12, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on Falcon UAV's blog post Falcon UAV Puts Deer Trail Colorado on the Map.....Literally....Sort of....
"Free aerial mapping to a town that was hostile to drones? Now THAT'S how you change public perception. Great work."
Aug 8, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on David Hummer's blog post Hawaii Drone Article
"The sad truth is most journalists don't have the technical acumen to report on these kinds of things accurately. And even when they do consult experts (such as yourself, David), reporters still are pressured to write click-bait stories such as the…"
Aug 8, 2013
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
Couldn't make it out to San Francisco for the first-ever small unmanned systems conference just for small business? Not a problem. I recently uploaded more than 100 photos on the sUSBExpo Flickr account. We also have 14 hours of video made during…
Aug 2, 2013
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
Many of you might be aware of the situation in Turkey, where protests have been going on for longer than two weeks. Some of you on DIYDrones might also be aware that a man was flying a small RC drone above these protests, that is, until his aircraft…
Jun 18, 2013
Matthew Schroyer commented on Matthew Schroyer's blog post Fabricating custom autopilot, GPS, and battery mounting solutions with lasers
"Thanks for the tip, Jason. The lab isn't equipped with that material, but from the brief research I did just now on Delrin (aka polyoxymethylene or acetal), that does seem like an attractive option for its strength and durability. Widely available,…"
May 8, 2013
Matthew Schroyer posted a blog post
I'm very grateful to be in community that supports a laser-equipped Fab Lab. Lately I've been designing and fabricating custom components for my unmanned aircraft, especially components that are easily integrated into existing systems.Above is a…
May 8, 2013