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Lead UAV Engineer, Pacific Mechanical Technology LLC

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Fixed wing, helicopter, and ground vehicles.

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David Hummer commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Solo and Gimbal Update from 3DR
"I get a little annoyed with the wording... We were supposed to have the gopro functionality on day one, or at least that's how it came across in the sales pitch. No where is there a "sorry for the wait..." line."
Oct 17, 2015
David Hummer commented on Jeevan Kalanithi's blog post More gimbal news
"I can sympathize and appreciate that 3dr doesn't want to release a gimbal with issues.... But as loyal 3dr supporters and customers this is very frustrating. Can 3dr do anything to make it up to  the customers who have been patiently waiting on a…"
Aug 1, 2015
David Hummer replied to David Hummer's discussion Sensor assortment / Ardupilot mega 2560 and 1280 plus oil pan
May 4, 2015
David Hummer posted a discussion
Hi all,I am clearing out my old gear since I just don't fly as much as I would like. I know these boards are old but they can still be useful.1x ardupilot mega with a 2560 processor *make me an offer1x ardupilot mega with a 1280 processor *make me…
Apr 18, 2015
David Hummer commented on David Hummer's blog post Hawaii Drone Article
"The reporter brought up the Paris Hilton story...which I wasn't aware of.  I looked it up and as it turns out they couldn't even confirm if they got pictures of Paris or her sister.... plus they were on a wide open beach...

Plus take a look at the…"
Aug 8, 2013
David Hummer posted a blog post
Just wanted to share this article. http://m.civilbeat.com/articles/2013/07/19/19508-drones-animal-bloo... was contacted and asked some questions about drones. None of my answers were used. I guess the article…
Aug 7, 2013