Hi all,I am clearing out my old gear since I just don't fly as much as I would like. I know these boards are old but they can still be useful.1x ardupilot mega with a 2560 processor *make me an offer1x ardupilot mega with a 1280 processor *make me an offer1x oil pan shield revH 1.0 *make me an offer1x optical flow 1.0 (brand new still in packaging) $20 (retailed for 40)1x minimOSD (brand new still in original packaging) $45 (retails for 50)1x 3dr radio v1.2 915mhz(brand new still in original packaging) $30 (pair is usually 100)1x xbee pro 915mhz aircraft side of the data link. $201x pololu micro 6channel servo controller, to be used to control an antenna tracker, etc(brand new still in original packaging) $18 (retails for 20)Email me at Hummerinc@gmail.com for any questions, etc.


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