Robots Podcast #136: Drone Journalism



In this episode, we speak with Matthew Schroyer, founder of, co-founder of Drones for Good, and developer of the “Drones for Schools” program which teaches students to design, fabricate and program unmanned aerial systems to monitor the environment.

Matthew Schroyer has a Master’s in journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he works on the National Science Foundation grant EnLiST, which offers entrepreneurial leadership training and professional development for K-12 STEM teachers. At EnLiST he uses drones to motivate students to pursue STEM careers.

Driven by the maker movement, safety concerns for journalists, and the promise of cutting edge information, Schroyer founded the Professional Society of Drone Journalists (PSDJ). His drones are used for the common good and a clear code of ethics was written to avoid privacy and safety concerns. Along the same lines, Schroyer cofounded Drones for Good, which aims to show the good side of drone technology through public engagement and the advancement of positive drone projects.

Matthew Schroyer’s Homepage

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  • Admin


    Nice to hear from you. Here at DIY Drones we are always on the lookout for individuals like you who are engaged in spreading the positive, enlightened word about UAVs and helping the beginners become engaged in the UAV environment.


    TCIII Admin

  • Thanks, guys! A lot of the work I do in and out of classrooms wouldn't be possible without the members of, who've innovated code, hardware, and systems solutions for small unmanned aircraft.

    Watch out for Jordi Orlando, too, folks. He's a high innovator, whose practical expertise exceeds many of the senior undergrads I've worked with. And he's just starting to study engineering at the university level. A UAV/robotics/electronics company would be fortunate to have him on staff.

  • Go Matthew!

  • I had the pleasure of working with Matt when he worked with our high school's Science Club last year. His knowledge and expertise on the many good uses of drones was a fantastic resource. Although I will be attending university next year, I look forward to working more with him in the future!

  • Moderator

    We were very happy to have Matthew speak at our recent show, as well as write the occasional piece for sUAS News he is in fact the only real journalist on team! 

  • Admin

    Finally a professional teaching the positive side of drones to the younger set! Maybe the education of the younger set will help to defeat in the future the drone phobia that we are experiencing now.

    TCIII Admin

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