$350 3D printer! Makibox A6


Found this project on the kickstarter like site Makible.com. It´s a 3d printer project called MakiBox A6 that's going to cost $350 including int. shipping. Its supposed to be able to print with the same quality as the reprap, 

I like size of the machine and its perfect for printing parts to my arducopter, like motor mounts and landing gear. Hopefully are they able to develop the model within the time limit since its still in early development. Look at the video of the X and Y axis under.

link to site

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  • I still haven't got the printer, but they are still working on it, so i guess i will get it one day.

    As far as i can tell its just the classical crowd-funding syndrome where estimated time and real-life does not equal the same.. or when an engineer is responsible for project (time) management.. everyone knows that an engineer needs someone to keep them on track or else they will try to make the product do everything... :P

    However on the good side the printer looks to be of way better quality compared to the original design from what i can tell on their site. I have no longer any use for a 3d printer, so now its more just out of curiosity that i am still in on the deal. And maybe i am giving the naïve "year and a half ago me" the chance to prove himself that the money was well spent :P 

    bGhatti: i can understand your concerns, but i got the profile on diydrones because i was working on my main uni project using two quads from diydrones and hoped i could tap into the knowledge and brainpower at these blogs. the project was also the main reason i ordered the printer, in order to be able to fabricate custom mounts for the quad, however the printer never came and we had to outsource it to a company.

    I did however add the post about the printer here for two reasons one was the same mechanics crowd-sourcing rely on, that funders promote what they have bought into, and secondly i wanted to see what the community thought about them to see if i had made a wise choice... i guess this community's voice was clear :P

  • Jan,

    I want to apologize for the feelings you expressed above.

    In context - the crowd-funding model had - at that time - got a bit ahead of itself, and begun to border on fraud IMO; a fraud that would use DIYdrones as part of it's promotional model. (This is specific to quad-copters).

    In order to preserve Crowd-funding as a viable option - I felt it was necessary to kick the tires on some of these crowd-funding projects; and I think everyone understands that the creation of a new user account who then encourages people to part with their money is a risky profile - even if - in some cases, it's completely legitimate.

    So again - I hope you understand why I raised a concern, and perhaps you will feel better about the internets.

    BTW - did you get a machine?

  • Out of curiosity did you ever get that printer?  And what did you end up doing with it? does it work well? I ordered and am waiting for a makibox my-self and would like to know the opinion of one who has used it.

  • well this post went dead...it is a shame though that "the internet" turned on me and called me a fake persona... anyways looks like they got the funding they needed, so hopefully I will get my printer by the end of march!

  • ehh, i have not deleted any comments. I have not checked the comments for days.

    And I think people are making this to a bigger situation than it really is.

    No I am not the same person as Jon buford. I live in Norway and I´m working with my bachelors assignment about quadcopters. I have no connection with the people behind the printer project other than that I really want a cheap 3d printer and therefore have pledged in on the makibox.

    The reason for the same name notation is probably because i use my google account to log in to diydrones.com

    The only reason I posted this was that I pledged in on the 3d printer, and wanted others to find out about the printer, so that it gets enough supporters. I can understand the point that it looks suspicious since I only have one post in my blog, but thats not enough to start a conspiracy theory... :P I have no ill intentions.. 

    For my sake I hope that they are able to make the printer, in time, to the qualifications they have said. 

  • @Robert - To some extent, we are the final manufacturer for most products and will be building up in house facilities in HK so that we can more easily control QA/QC as well as facilitate lower volume projects than is possible otherwise. If we can't make the parts in house, we will source from other suppliers as needed, both in China and globally. For higher volume projects, we will manage the production in other factories if that is necessary. I'm hoping that a sweet spot will develop for doing projects that otherwise would not get realized.

    Actually, that is a good question, are there projects within the UAV space that could be assisted by this sort of model?
  • Now my comment having disappeared suddenly makes sense...

  • @jon.buford

    Do I understand correctly that one of the things you are bringing to the table here is you will serve as a middle-man to access manufacturing resources from Asia in order to make products that others design?

  • Hi Tero, yep, we are looking at facilitating physical products only. The large difference between Ponoko is that we do the final assembly and handle electronics or other bits that are outside the scope of these services.

    Hi Ellison, agree it looks like there are some odd things going on here, I'm not involved with that and will leave it to your community to sort things out. Let me know if there are any other questions for me.
  • Ok something has me a little concerned.  The user bGatti posted the following message to this discussion yesterday, and it was promptly deleted.  Other than a moderator, of which I am one, the only other person that can delete comments on this blog is Jan, the starter.  Is there something to hide?  Anyways, I will re-port that comment for bGatti:

    bGatti commented on jan.f.sandvik's blog post "$350 3D printer! Makibox A6" on DIY Drones

    anyone else think  jan.f.sandvik (http://diydrones.com/profile/janfsandvik) might BE  jon.buford (http://diydrones.com/profile/jonbuford) ?


    1. Same name notation.

    2. Both accounts created same day or two.

    3. jan is long-time UAV grad student who never commented on a UAV post on DIYDrones

    4. jan has one post and no comments.

    5. both appear to exist to promote a pre-fund on an site with no track record.

    I'd like to hear more from both of them.

This reply was deleted.