ArduPilotMega V2.0 Green


Green doesn't mean that this version is lower power consumition, it is the board color in that series of clones of our ArduPilot

I have a question: Do you think it's safe to buy one of this versions?

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  • Drone, looking at my previous purchases the 2.0 was 

    and for the GPS less one


  • Yep $15 dollars saving with 0 overheads is a joke. This is a rip-off clone. I have no alliance to any of the profiteers of this amateur market but don't agree with going clone unless it shows a huge excess of profit margin by the original manufacturer. Not so in this case!

  • Well If the 3dr is built in the US of Chineese parts for $200, I would rather keep the US and Mexican Employees in a job then saving $15 for a wholly built chicom clone. At least north american wages demand a $200 price point   But for Chinese wages they are just making pure profit at a $15 undercut. 

  • for $83.61 a good price. GPS seems to be not included.

  • Benny, your comment had nothing to do with the clones in the original post which is why I suggested starting a new thread in the discussion forum. That's called hijacking and now I've hijacked things as well to talk about hijacking. The discussion forum for autopilot hardware would be an appropriate place to ask questions about the differences between the APM versions. Or you could try searching before posting, another internet etiquette thing.

    In reference to throwing away hardware, there are still many users with the original ArduPilot Mega and it still works fine for them. If you want the latest and greatest all the time and don't want to spend the money then clones might be a good solution for you. Though the clones that I've seen won't save much money compared to the 3D Robotics products.

  • Benny, start a new forum thread for a new topic. Blog comments are not the place to ask questions.

    Hi Luke, Mayeb this is better for blog? If I have to throw away this expensive state of the art equipment because it is not state of the art then maybe buying clone makes more sense because it doesn't matter if it works or not

  • Benny, start a new forum thread for a new topic. Blog comments are not the place to ask questions.

  • I have APM2 purchased in January from 3DR, is it any good? It has already been replaced by 2.5 I think? Is the mediatek GPS any good for quad, it was when I bought it but now I read it is no good?

  • Looks like the ones on GLB are no longer available.
  • Drone Savant i suggest u go somewhere else and promote ebay APM clones and "My clone vendor will happily repair my own user error or when i fry the board...pffff!..what a bunch of crap u wrote above...

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