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About Me:

Howdy I am a long time R/C Aviator that was out of the hobby for about 15 years. I became a volunteer fire fighter and after some near misses and frustration on wide area searches I had been thinking that a UAV would fit the bill

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have been working on a Airborne Heli based FLIR system using off the shelf parts when another friend said that hey why don't you use Arduino to control it that led me here


St Louis, MO

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Carl Campbell replied to ligbert's discussion Live Feed
"I assume your looking for a First person video feed?  

Yes it is possible.  And easily done for less then $200"
May 23, 2013
Carl Campbell left a comment on Moderators
"Well just tossing my Hand in the Roll Call Vote,  Im not dead yet.  "
May 9, 2013
Carl Campbell commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty Days (#6): You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs
"Geez that is a rough break man. "
May 8, 2013
Carl Campbell left a comment on Moderators
"Hey just a suggestion.  Add "power" to "Engines/Motors/props" i have been putting battery and ESC questions in there as well.
May 8, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Martin Alter's discussion Very low mass, low power display
"Ads fruit already sells something similar. http://www.adafruit.com/category/63_150"
May 6, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Scott Allen's discussion Interested in ArduCopter Hexa-C Almost RTF but may be too much of a beginner
"I am moving this over to the newbie section, I am not experienced with the hexa but I have built and fly a quad of my own design. They are relatively simple to fly IMHO however if you want to get an idea how a multicopter flies on manual something…"
May 6, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to paul morris's discussion er9x conversion
"Kind of both, you will have to get a programming board then flash the software.   http://parkeflyer.com/transmitters/programmer.html  offers a upgrade kit with the smartieparts board and a LCD back light kit.  parkeflyer is a stand up guy, I bought…"
May 2, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to KuzyT's discussion First multirotor project
"I can only comment on my experiences with the Turnigy 9x,  I have modified mine with the 6 position rotary switch to replace the top left rear varipot. added a LiFe battery pack & a back light  I fly it with a traditional 450 heli a 250 heli, a…"
Apr 30, 2013
Carl Campbell left a comment on Moderators
"Heh the 2 letter spammers are evolving just deleted a 3 letter one. "
Apr 30, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Dean's discussion Has anyone tried this? Is it good??
"I don't have that exact transmitter however I do use that receiver.  With out specialized antennas and antenna trackers that setup should get you 100 feet.  No that is not a typo 100 feet.   5.8 GHZ is not that great for range as the wavelength is…"
Apr 22, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Perillinho's discussion How stable can an hexa/octacopter be?
"It is not really a matter of how stable another platform is,  It is how the controller is set up.  If the Pid's are set properly the camera is mounted to a roll tilt mount then you can get a very stable quad.  Hexas and Octo's are usually for…"
Apr 22, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Todd Curtis's discussion Controlling an RC Plane with a Joystick and Rudder Pedals??
"As the controls will show up as a game controller,  Here is the section on controlling a APM equipped drone with a USB controller https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Joystick  

You would need at a minimum,  A computer, an APM, a telemetry…"
Apr 17, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Sid's discussion Arduino ArduPlane Build Bugs in Windows
"No worries I moved it to the Autopilot/software section as that is where the code heads tend to congregate.  "
Apr 17, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Nick Porter's discussion lex-m01-001 wifi
"It may be possible but that sort of hardware hacking will probally get better answers on a dedicated Arduino forum.  Here we are most into building "drone" vehicles  

I am going to put this in the Misc Category. "
Apr 15, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Kevin Gidley's discussion MAVlink and Linux
"I have been wanting to make a Raspberry Pi running the http://qgroundcontrol.org/ but I dont have a Pi to test it with. "
Apr 11, 2013
Carl Campbell replied to Dr Sudesh Kumar KAshyap's discussion Accuracy of pressure and temperature sensed by MS5611
"how is the sensor installed? It is open to the air?  I have noticed it is rock steady in a case with no fluctuations. "
Apr 10, 2013