Does any one tell me how accurate is pressure and temperature sensed by MS5611 sensor?

My observation:


The sensor was kept (at fixed position) in a AC room having constant temperature.

I am getting around 4 meter increase in pressure altitude in every 30 minutes of interval. From 10 AM to 4.00 PM , Pressure altitude varied from 875 meter to 920 meter. I am noticing this pattern every day.

Can some one comments on that?

Sudesh K KAshyap

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how is the sensor installed? It is open to the air?  I have noticed it is rock steady in a case with no fluctuations. 

No it is not open to air, actually i am testing within room at a fixed location. 


code is as follows:

AP_Baro_MS5611 barometer;

// Initialization

Serial.printf("Enabling Barometer\n");
Serial.printf("Could not Enable Barometer\n");

// within loop; 

pstatic = barometer>get_pressure();

pAlt     = ((pow(101325/pstatic, 0.190222560395663)-1)*288.15/0.0065) ;  // 288.15 = 15 + 273.15

// end loop


Do i have to call function "barometer.calibrate(delay)" every time? what is its role?

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