Updates on HYBRiX multi-rotor by Quaternium


It's been a while since I published the last update about HYBRiX. We are very excited about how the development is evolving and more than happy with customers response.

For the past few weeks we have been working on finishing our MVP. it has a new look, new frame, more fuel tank capacity, quick release arms...

There are 2 versions, one  with 25 inch propellers and the other with 30 inch propellers. Some people seemed concerned about stability issues with big propellers, but I have to say that we are not detecting any issues and both configurations work really well.

In fact, last weeks we had very windy weather here and it is not a problem with Hybrix. It is very stable also with wind.

We are using Pixhawk as a flight controller and making it ruggedized! Aluminium enclosure and military connectors. It looks pretty awesome. We have done some RTL landings and automatic modes seem to run smoothly. We have solved all problems with vibrations.

Next step is to install a long-range system for 25km that we have been previously testing on Spidex and start carrying out some serious missions!

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  • Is a four stroke or mini turbine an option for power generation?
  • Beautiful and very stable, I like it the gas engine sound

  • You guys seem to have done something both interesting and commercially useful. What are the applications. Pipeline surveillance, mapping?

    (Your Spidex Pro is the best front mounted folding Nex carriers I have seen)
  • Great work Jose Luis.
    Will you consider an autostarter instead of the rope method to start the petrol engine?
  • If it is for outdoor work, I think the noise is a benefit to keep heads up on the job site.

  • It is noisy!,

    I think it is not problem to reduce noise but we are not working on it right now.

  • I love the design. How much noise does the engine produce?
  • Is the battery a fuel cell? How is the charging ratio regulated?

  • Hello, thanks to all!

    Heung-Jin Choi: Yes, it consists of a 2 stroke engine, a generator, a small battery and multirotor is electric like any other.

    Ravi: Yes, Hydrogen fuel cells seems not a practical approach right now, it is possible with very light multicopters but we are getting more than 2000W in a 3kg genset. 

  • Nice job guys!
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