Could you guys post some pictures of your antenna setups? I have trouble getting a GPS fix with the RFD modems on (I uses 868 european models).

Here's my setup:
- Reach DGPS base station, RFD868 on the serial port, powered through the reach
- Reach DGPS rover, Navio with RFD 868 on the USB port via FTDI, and reach on the serial 6 wire port.

I think I'm doing something wrong with antennas because:
- When I let the Reach DGPS modules communicate with wifi, everything is fine and I get a real fast fix.
- When they keep communicating via wifi, but I turn on the radio modem of the base station, I get no fix.
- When I turn off wifi and inject DGPS in Mavlink, I get nice dgps data, but still no fix.

It's as if the radio modem is destroying the satellite data.

What is a good antenna setup?

I put my gps antennas on an aluminum foil baseplate of 11x11 cm, and any radio modem antennas are below that plane.

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Same problem, 

Switch on the RFD868x and no GPS, RFD868 seems a jammer of GPS

Has you found a solution?

I think it's a brown out. Still experimenting.

I have the same issue - please update me as soon as this problem get's fixed or if you can find a solution.
Thank you.

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Anyone found a solution to this?  Haven't seen an update with any good responses.

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