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    Wow, $481 for a developer edition doesn't seem too bad but it seems like a bit of a risk not knowing much about it other than they found it crashed in a tree.

  • I've been in touch with the eBay seller and he seems to have made a really serious effort to find whoever lost this. Below is his response to my questions. I told him that it seems to me he has done all he could, and that if it were me, at this point I would feel OK about selling it. Anyway, he wrote:

    This is frustrating......I tried contacting both the Berkley and San Diego
    offices (I remember the operators name from one was Fabian) and described

    the model and all markings, etc. They said that because of its age there

    is no way to trace it to find the owner. I then talked to his supervisor

    and he told me that the only thing they could do would be to hook it up to
    a computer, but that that would only tell me the last flight coordinates
    that it flew from, which in this case is more than likely a beach near my

    parents down south, not a street address. I literally spent about 12-15
    plus hours making calls, scanning internet lost articles and looking for
    ways to identify it. Even had a promising lead, but it turned out to be
    the right area, wrong copter. I had hoped that a blog or something would

    include my parent's city and talk about a lost Iris Quadcopter. And I just
    talked to my dad again yesterday and he now tells me he actually found it

    last October, (he thinks) RIGHT after vacation but that it could have
    actually been last July (2013). The bright spot being that its unlikely it
    ever got rained on since it almost never rains between May and Oct 1st. I
    will call 3DR again and see if I can open this thing up and look for a
    serial number.
  • Does the listing claim that there was no battery inside the lost IRIS?

  • @healthyfatboy check out the listing. That's no consumer Iris. You can tell easily by the underside.

  • Haha Chris that link is hilarious!!

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    I find it interesting how this topic calls it a developer edition. How is that?

    I'm also curious if it rained on this thing at all. I don't know what the weather is like in San Mateo but if it rained at all during those 3 weeks, the electronics onboard could all be bad too.

    Not only that, he could grab the logs off the thing and unless the owner deletes everything on his Pixhawk each time, it's likely the owner's house will be in one of the logs during initial startup when he first purchased it.

  • from seller

    "Went on vacation for 3 weeks and came home and found this in the backyard! Waited over 4 months to see if anyone would come by asking for it or to leave a note and no one ever came! Has a broken blade from one prop. Other than that I cant see any damage. No way for me to test it so by it as is. ..."

  • Didnt know they had places with Spanish names in Canada.

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    and it's not the latest Iris + edition... :)  

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