2.7.2 APM1 Problems

I haven't flown my quad for a while now and after hearing the good things about 2.7.2 thought I would take it out today.

Uploaded the new firmware last night and set everything up. All looked good.

Took it out to the field this morning and it would not initilize the APM.

No A B C led's flashing at all.

All other led's on the APM are lit up the GPS gets a a solid blue but nothing from A B or C.

On the USB cable everything works fairly well, Have seen a few glitches though.

Has something gone wrong with my APM whilst sitting on the shelf or is there an issue with the new firmware.

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  • Think it must be my APM that is the problem.

    Tried the same firmware on another APM and it initialized fine.

    Mind you did have a problem when that quad dropped from the sky.

    Not sure whether I broke a prop but the logs don't show anything amiss as far as I can see.

    2012-09-02 20-42 8.log

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