imagine this under your drone.

This is what i am wishing for this year

Capturing all of life. 360Fly. from 360Fly on Vimeo.

The unique lens design captures 360° horizontal x 240° vertical making it the widest viewing camera in the world.

The small form factor and rugged design is ready for any adventure. 360Fly is waterproof for up to 5 meters and weighs only 120g.

Android and iOS compatible with live 360° view. Instantly edit and share an interactive experience.


See it her:


i want this under my TBS clone. would make amazing video.

Is this something you could see yourself using?

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  • Back in December, I picked up a toy, "spy camera," with a hemispherical view, and software to allow panning around in the recorded shot. The quality is not that great, but I have recently seen then on sale for less than $20! For me, it was an interesting little exploration. I have been trying to build a software based, "virtual gimbal," which would take onboard sensor data, and incorporate it into post-process stabilization. For smaller systems, I feel this could be an acceptable solution for video, if a higher quality sensor, better optics, and better software are used. 

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    kodak - "Those digital cameras are so low res!" Who are Kodak?

    This looks awesome, take a video of a flight and the viewer can focus on what they think is interesting, it like being driven in the back seat of a car and looking out the window!
  • Depends on what you are doing - naturally this isn't for pro cinematographers (at least not for their usual work). It seems like a great solution for people on the edge - don't want to support the complexity or weight of a full gimbal, but want a little more flexibility than a fixed FOV lens. It will be interesting to see how well the de-fishing really works - I regularly defish shots taken with a 7.5mm (15mm equiv) fisheye on my Olympus OM-D, and with the high resolution of the system and the lens, the reduction in quality is minimal to the point of being negligible for most applications.

  • great as a fpv cam.

  • jg, attaining stabilized images from the omni-image won't be too hard.

  • Cool but its only good for people who want low res video. The moment you start shaking the camera you'll get sick. I'll stick with cinematic stabilized narrowly framed shots.

  • I remember using several gopros to achieve this panoramic video. Parallax was a major issue but with a single lens that shouldn't be a problem. Food for thought for the ones looking to have a stabilized video for such a device it can be done. Do you remember your old ball mouse? Combine that old technology with some 3 axis sensor and some motor and there you go. 

  • @lj, it captures 360, the viewer controls what portion of the 360 you're looking at.    

    Here is an awesome example:

  • Check the video on this page

  • The cameras will still not be stable relative to the horizon.  It will probably remove the need for the third axis, but the other two will still be needed for smooth raw video.  Software can only do so much, and it degrades the picture each time it is run through.  But if you don't care about stabilized video it sure makes it easy!  I wonder if it captures the 360 all the time, or only records what portion of the picture you are looking at?

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