Boulder, CO

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Hobbyist in Boulder, CO.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Autonomous vehicles, and building my first quadcopter.


Boulder, CO

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Sam Ley commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Yosemite National Park has a drone problem
"I somewhat understand the park's point - in sensitive wilderness areas it can be hard to overstate the impact that non-native things have on the area. We really don't know how something like a nesting site for falcons is impacted by RC craft…"
May 5, 2014
Sam Ley commented on James Roney's blog post DJI introduce firmware to prevent flight near large airports
"There is something to be said for the liability you incur if you tell someone they are protected from something, and then don't protect them - if you claim that you can keep people out of restricted airspace, then you may be liable when it doesn't…"
Apr 8, 2014
Sam Ley replied to Ryan's discussion IRIS Prop Screws in IRIS
"Are you asking about the nut that holds the prop onto the motor, the the screws that hold the motor to the arm?

The prop securing nut is an M5 metric nut. While a SAE #10-32 is close and can probably be crammed on, it will damage the threads and…"
Apr 7, 2014
Sam Ley commented on Bill Bonney's blog post APM Planner 2.0.8 release with Linux builds available
"Maybe I looked in the wrong place! I'll download a fresh build and give it another try. Thanks!"
Mar 31, 2014
Sam Ley commented on Bill Bonney's blog post APM Planner 2.0.8 release with Linux builds available
"Thanks for the ongoing development work on APM Planner! I currently use Mission Planner in VMware Fusion on my Mac, and while it works OK I'm pleased about the developing native solution. Having a good tuning parameter page is currently the main MP…"
Mar 31, 2014
Sam Ley replied to Crady von Pawlak's discussion CW Motors Overheating While CCW Stay Cool
"I would vote for motor inconsistency... I've got a remarkably similar setup to yours, 550mm, 28-30S-800kV motors, and 11x4.7 props, all up weight of 1600g. I'm flying a KK2.1 controller, but that is the only real difference.
The motors aren't super…"
Mar 10, 2014
Sam Ley replied to Finnius's discussion KK2 .0
What firmware are you running on the 2.0?
Are you taking off in Self-Level or Normal mode? Does the problem happen in both situations?

Some things to check:
- Have you calibrated the ACC by leveling the unit and running the…"
Mar 10, 2014
Sam Ley commented on Christian Behrens-Thomsen's blog post imagine this under your drone.
"Depends on what you are doing - naturally this isn't for pro cinematographers (at least not for their usual work). It seems like a great solution for people on the edge - don't want to support the complexity or weight of a full gimbal, but want a…"
Feb 28, 2014
Sam Ley commented on Stephen Dade's blog post Quadcopter Workshop
"Sounds like a great workshop! Your workshop documentation all by itself makes for a pretty great tutorial on all the major aspects of building one of these quads.

How did you manage the workshop costs and parts? Did you provide parts, or expect the…"
Feb 7, 2014