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Hello folks,

I have a kk 2.0 control board on a HAL quadcopter frame, and no matter which P/I settings i change when i throttle up the quad always flies off in a certain direction. At first i thought i had one of the motor mounts off center (as they have no lining up holes etc on the HAL), but they appear to be as square as can be.

Has anyone had anything like this problem?


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  • Questions:

    What firmware are you running on the 2.0?

    Are you taking off in Self-Level or Normal mode? Does the problem happen in both situations?

    Some things to check:

    - Have you calibrated the ACC by leveling the unit and running the calibration?

    - Have you done an ESC calibration? (Usually you do this by removing the props, turn the KK board on with buttons 1 and 4 depressed, and your transmitter all the way up, then while still holding 1 and 4, decrease throttle to zero, and wait for confirmation beeps from your ESCs)

    - Have you zeroed the trims on your transmitter?

    - Does the Receiver Test show proper -100 to 100 values for all the sticks with a good "0" in the middle?

    - Try putting the props on, and strapping the quad securely to a table (be careful!) and run it half throttle for a few minutes. When you stop, are any motors way hotter than any others?

    - Do any of you motors have noticable grinding feelings or shaft play (up and down wiggle) compared to any of the others?

    • Hello,

      - I have calibrated the unit by leveling it and calibrating

      - i have calibrated the escs i zeroed the trims on the TX

      - Yeah the receiver values seem fine

      The only other thing that stands out is that i was told it was fine to mount the kk board about 20mm above the power dist board on nylon standoffs - would this cause the gyros or something to be out and make it fly off sideways?

  • Which direction ?

    • I cant actually remember 100%! :(

      I last had time to take it out a few months ago, then packed it away again because it wouldn't fly. I have read the kk2.0 is a quite good board, so now want to get it going again.

      I think i will have to tie it down to the ground with strings and try again? Because each time i adjusted P/I etc it flew off and kept breaking off the landing skids. It was nasty.

      Any ideas with that little information or will i have to dig it out and re-fly it before i figure out what was wrong?

      EDIT: I have a video of it crashing somewhere - i will see if i can find it perhaps that will help.

      Thanks for the reply

      • I had similar problem but I am using the MultiWii controller. I posted for help (my thread is "Hexa moves sideways, help please"), but I did not get much help.

        I had several problems:

        1) bad motors (2 out of the 6 motors had a lot of vibration, had to replace them)

        2) I had a setting in MultiWii source code for the startup throttle too high (solution: had to lower the value for that setting, and for the valut to take effect I had to clear EEPROM)

        3) the compass on the MultiWii was going off about 20 degrees when I was starting the motors, so I had to place the MultiWii controller on top of my Hex, so that the power wires don't interfere with the compass (now the motors still interfere but it goes off only 2 degree, and have no idea if that acceptable or not)

        4) my Turnigy 9x transmitter had wrong settings, I had it set on Heli, but it should have been on Glider

        Also, make ture the Throtle is reversed in the settings of your transmitter.


        I wish I had some king of checklist to verify that everything works, (settings etc.) I damaged most of my carbon fibre props, damaged motors, broke the frame (waiting for new frame to arrive now).

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