Another FAA Incident

3689582228?profile=originalThe FAA is crying foul at a Major League Baseball team. The Washington Nationals used a drone to take pictures of the team during spring training. Problem is they didn’t get permission. And commercial drone use is banned.

We didn’t get it cleared, but we don’t get our pop flies cleared either and those go higher than this thing did,” a team official told the Associated Press.

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  • @ Project Nadar, what country are you referring to?  100ft is somewhat comical.  Anything I do that has an altitude preset is no less than 120ft to begin with so that it clears trees with a margin of error + slopes and hills.  If a commercial flight hits your UAV at 125ft, there is a way bigger problem than your UAV!!

  • I had a meeting with the local aviation authority here for a commercial use of remote controlled aerial platform. What the flight operation manager aid was that: "You can fly wherever you want as long as this isn't higher than 100 feet. If you do decide to operate higher then you can ask for permits. Please understand that I a not here to be the policeman but i am here to ensure no commercial flights will be affected. If you cause damage or injury probably another department will investigate and will charge you with other several accusations which might put you in big trouble but the department of civil aviation will not be part of them. To put it simply every bank robbery has a getaway car and it's driver has a driving license. It doesn't mean that the department that issues car licenses is affected by his actions".

    So your FAA will need to decide if they want to be the policeman and run after every kid that wants to fly their toy which happens to be available in the free market or they can continue to work on the flight safety. When toy drones like ours become so many that there has to be a limit of how many can fly in the sky then they have to be there to regulate the situation.  

  • But gee, we S. F. Giants fans really, really need the FAA to step up to the plate and control the airspace inside AT&T Park! From the seventh inning on in every game there is a massive invasion of large airborne biomechanisms that hurl themselves recklessly about the airspace in frantic anticipation of free fuel, and worse yet randomly eject a white slimy substance that rains upon the crowd in direct violation of numerous FARs. We beseech the FAA to send each of these violators of self-evident rules and regulations a sternly worded letter, and if that doesn't do the trick then we will demand that more drastic measures be taken, for example a good plucking. 

  • The FAA is a government agency. They couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. I'm not too worried.

  • EXACTLY!!!! This is not about safety or anything even nearly that noble. Quite the contrary. This is about control for corporations who have friends in DC. They are the ones who will be able to afford the permits and other outrageous fees that the gubmnt will find a way to lump on UA users.

    Think about it. How will the FAA actually be able to track a UAV made of EPP? A single UAV couldn't possibly have a radar signature the size of a bird. I guess the radio emissions and telemetry would be the method of figuring out where a UA was and where it might be going. So...what's the answer there? Encrypt the telemetry?

  • It'll be legal in the eyes of the FAA when they have taxed the DIY'er out and big corporations like Aeroviral Inc. can own the skies without disgrace for what they will charge. 

  • The problem with drones is that there's no real way to track their use. They have no radar signature and no licensing/registration requirement in the US that I am aware of. If the gubmnt can't keep track of them, then that same gubmnt can't follow the money to TAX it!!! No regulation, no tax revenue for the thieves in DC. Therein lies the REAL problem. That's why the FAA is coming down on our community. TAXES!!!!!

  • LOL the problem isn't that the two actions are different in any way other than REVENUE that the gubmnt wants to TAX. They can't figure out how to TAX it so they make it illegal to use as a source of REVENUE. IOW, if it can't be tapped to line a politician's pockets with YOUR ca$h, then it is illegal.

  • I fail to understand how using a quad to take a team's photo is any different than me using my Phantom to take a photo of a family picnic, or my great-nephew's soccer team. That's so ridiculous it's funny - or it would be if it wasn't our tax dollars being wasted with this kind of stupidity.

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    Generally these Races place a NOTAM because of large dust clouds, and low flying aircraft. (Not always, however I have seen it in the past)

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