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Harry left a comment on Andropilot Users Group
"This is what I did - I used processing in android mode and took the HUD widget file and pasted it into a processing sketch.  It compiles and loads it onto my android device but it is just a blank screen.  I tried commenting out what I believe is sto…"
Nov 9, 2015
Harry left a comment on Andropilot Users Group
"Son of a ............ it connected and loaded.  What I ultimately want to do is borrow from the project how to get USB working with my code.  I look at the Andropilot code in android studio and its a mystery."
Oct 8, 2015
Harry left a comment on ArduPilot (legacy) User Group
"I don't know why I still fool with this but I do. I'm running FreeIMU, outputting DIYd binary on a Flip1.5 instead of the ArduIMU. I added a I2C daughter board that sends the Ublox protocol to the Flip. It took me a while to figure out the binary en…"
Jan 24, 2015