Switching To Lea-6 Gps for my APM2


I have been struggling a lot to get a descent loiter with my quadcopter with the on-board APM2 mediatek gps unsuccessfully. I read a lot of things that made me realize it's not gonna happen with my current setup since i keep the APM2 in the middle section of my Dji clone 510 frame ( Custom made center plates from circuit board) plus i keep the battery on top of it. I am planning for future waypoint missions so i thought it would be nice to have the bes ti can at the moment GPS wise. 


1) How will i tell the apm that the primary GPS is the LEA-6 gps so that the logs refer to the new gps? 

2) Do i need to remove/ disable the mediatek gps to avoid conflicts? How?

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  • Also does anyone has any mounting solutions for the LEA-6?

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