Mission Planner Vibration Detection?

I was browsing apps with my phone and found some cool Seismographs... I was wondering if we could have a seismograph in order to detect the vibration frequency on our drones using the APMx.x within the mission planner and get some accurate oscillation frequencies and find out what we have to deal with. Then we can just jump to the relevant dampeners or other procedures to attenuate those oscillating frequencies... . 

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  • Another thing that would be useful in diagnosing vibration is a CLI test mode where you can spin each motor in turn, either at a constant rate or being driven by the throttle stick.

    Otherwise you need to go unplugging and re-plugging ESCs to isolate each motor/prop, which is a pain, and the throttle won't be constant as even in Acro mode there seems to be some smarts in between the transmitter's throttle position and the power going to the engines, it doesn't seem to be constant, which makes vibration testing tough.

  • On my last flight we pulled the sound track from the HD camera into Matlab and did a PSD.  There are likely free tools to do this.  Visible were the 1st and likely the second wing bending modes as well as the pitch oscillations that the plane was experiencing.  There are likely other ways to instrument a plane using a video cam and mic input that you could look into.  High rate data (kHz data) is really needed to do a good job, but that really depends on what you're looking for.

    Most navigation grade IMU's do use mechanical attenuation. And, you can characterize different materials for attenuators just as easily as you can measure the vibration source. 

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    you should have a read of this post on ArduPlane 2.8 release. http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arduplane-2-68-released

    It gives you an idea of the noise that vibration an generate, detected via the gyros etc... and what filtering is need to keep the plane flying

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