Arducopter HEX with round arm replacement


After reading another conversation here about adding round tube arms to an Arducopter, it got me thinking: first, can I non-destructively accomplish this, and second what would be the impact to its weight and flight abilities.

I began by finding some round arms and mounts that might work, and went with a set from a Talon HEX.  I got the arms, the arm mounts, the motor mounts, and the all of the necessary hardware.  An added bonus, or perhaps a problem, is that these arms are longer than the square tube arms that came with the Arducopter kit.

Getting the arms to mount to the existing frame wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, while keeping the frame intact enough that I could revert the square arms if I wanted/needed to.




I am now in the stages of trying to get all of the ESC wires and the PDB settled into the center.  One thing I did not take into account is that I lost a little bit of lip room under the top mounting place due to the arm mount.  I am going to need to work the PDB in there very carefully.

I will post more pics once I get the power system in, and then hopefully some info about how it flies once I get it back into the air.

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