I am just getting started with a project to be able to control an Arducopter using one of my Leap Motion Controllers...has anyone else tried something like this?  I am thinking I am going to make the controls very similar to those that you can use in Google Earth.  Has anyone else played with Leap and Google Earth?  Do you like those controls?

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To bump this thread. Did you have any luck getting the Arducopter and Leap Motion talking? 

I have had some basic luck...I am having issues getting the leap to fully control the helicopter.  I am basically having it report itself as a joystick but I am having throttle issues

Yea that was my original idea too (reporting as a joystick). I've just got a Leap motion so haven't tried anything yet. But I was thinking that in fact the easiest way would be to use python scripting through mission planner, which seems pretty easy, and the Leap Motion SDK includes fantastic python support. I think something could be done quite fast with that(?)

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