Time function doesn't seem to work

I just updated to MP 1.2.89 build 1.1.5097,10519

I see that there is a time function on the far left column of the log browse screen now.  Mine doesn't seem to work.   I get "0001-01-00:00:00.000" in all the frames from start to finish.

I've really been waiting for this feature..  Is there something I need to do to get the time working correctly?    FWIW, I'm using an APM2.5 running 3.0.1 firmware in a 3DR Hexacopter.. The GPS is a uBlox LEA-6H

(My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere..  I did search the best I could)

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  • MP Revision 1.2.91   AC 3.1 Frimware

    Having the time on the data flash log is great.  And, time is displayed on the top of the Value Graph. Even better.

    Question:  Seems the time at the top of the graph is displayed as minutes then 10s of seconds.

    I.E.  23 means 2 minutes and 30 seconds.   Is that Correct?   

  • Developer

    you need the latest firmware.

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Aug 25