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Fixed wing RC pilot. Flying e-flite MQX and arduquad from 3DR. Retired from Hewlett Packard Test and Measurement. Software developer and website design ( http://k1000.net, http://stemed.unm.edu ) Enjoy camping, music, and retirement.

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Too far to go to my Fixed wing flying field and Helis seem way to hard to learn so... I am going for quads to fly from my deck. Have the APM 2.5 and 3DR Quadcopter. Enjoy learning and contributing (Wiki editors group)


Tijeras, New Mexico

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Dennis Spanogle replied to Matt Hansen's discussion Issue with analog input ports on AMP 2.6
"Hum,  I put that code in the version 3.1.3 (download is marked 3.1.2) in  arduCopter.pde, in setup(), right after init_ardupilot();  and it compiled fine and when upload, then use serial monitor to connect - the message shows up but the value…"
Apr 24, 2014
Dennis Spanogle replied to Dennis Spanogle's discussion Requirements to compile Mission Planner and Progress with VS 2012 (see details)
"It has been a year since I did my work with MP (The document at: http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/buildin-mission-planner/).  Since then many things have changed.  I was going to "git"  the commit for ver 1.2.57 that includes the project files and give…"
Apr 24, 2014
Dennis Spanogle replied to Matt Hansen's discussion Issue with analog input ports on AMP 2.6
"Did you figure this out?  Look in Libraries AP_HAL and AP_HAL_AVR then search for board_vcc_analog_source in system.pde.  That should get you started. It's all done in HAL now and I do not fully understand all that for sure.  If you figure it out,…"
Apr 23, 2014
Dennis Spanogle replied to Jim Townsend's discussion Time function doesn't seem to work
"MP Revision 1.2.91   AC 3.1 Frimware
Having the time on the data flash log is great.  And, time is displayed on the top of the Value Graph. Even better.
Question:  Seems the time at the top of the graph is displayed as minutes then 10s of seconds.…"
Dec 28, 2013
Dennis Spanogle posted a discussion
Copter does not point to the new location for a Loiter mission entry.Running Copter 3.0.1 and MP 1.2.66.   I have a mission with these entries1 Waypoint2 Loiter - Time3 Waypoint4 RTLThe Loiter-Time entry has a new location from WP1 and WP3 has a…
Aug 6, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Nathaniel Caner's discussion Trouble with KML/KMZ files generated in Mission Planner 1.2.62 or newer
"After you open the 2013-07-31 17-35-48.tlog.kmz file into google earth, right click on the Flight path of interest, select properties.  Then select altitude then select "relative to ground" - it seems to be set to "absolute" in your file.  That will…"
Aug 3, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Søren Kuula's discussion LED panel
"This is for the copter but may help.  No info on user code though.

Aug 2, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to William Burkert's discussion APM 2.5/6 and Light Sensitivity in ArduCopter User Group
"Reading the data sheet for the MS5611-01BA03 Barometric Pressure Sensor, I find no reference to light sensitivity.  Is this an observed characteristic or information about piezo-resistive sensor barometer products in general (I can find no current…"
Aug 2, 2013
Dennis Spanogle posted a discussion
Mission Planner 1.2.63 and Arducopter 3.0.1  is flying mission fine until I add a waypoint to Loiter with 3 turns.Some mission WPs with delays etc..  all work then goto WP 4WP 4   just a normal way point altitude 100 feetLoiter with Turns     set…
Jul 31, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to ANDRIAMAMPIANINA Feno Sitraka's discussion Arming APM 2.5
"Even the "ready to fly" need to be set up completely.  The "ready to fly" just means you get all the needed "parts" and the parts have been assembled. Go here http://copter.ardupilot.com/ and do all the steps in the instructions. Then if you still…"
Jul 31, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Daniel Estes's discussion PPM Encoder - Update in ArduCopter User Group
"Another issue but unrelated to ver 3.0.1
Some RC transmitter/receivers  (Futaba,  Spektrum DX8) with more than 6 channels cannot be decoded reliably with the older PPM firmware. Has to do with overlapping PCM signals and interrupt handling.  The new…"
Jul 17, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Chase Friedman's discussion Having trouble getting your APM to fly right?
"I had problems, same process as yours solved them.  What I would like to see is some input as to why this may be the case. Do the parameters not get updated correctly on a firmware update, or do they get overlaid with garbage,  or not updated when…"
Jul 5, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to alex tarara's discussion Newbie question about Arducopter 2.x and Walkera 36 transmitter compatibility
"I see that some of the Walkera receivers seem to have gyro or other stabilization built in. That would be redundant and would need to be turned off. I have no idea if you can do that-check your manual or ask Walkera dealer for help.  You would be…"
Jul 4, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Brian MacKay's discussion Using multiple mission planners on PC?
"I may be possible.  Try this  ( I just did and it seems to work - not verified):
But first... Be sure you have a way to re-install the current version you are using - I.E. download the MissionPlanner.msi for that version.  You may need it since I…"
Jul 2, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to Jeff Milay's discussion GoogleMaps not pulling in tiles
"issue fixed in MP  58"
Jul 1, 2013
Dennis Spanogle replied to spagoziak's discussion CLI access via Mission Planner is Impossible
"New MP feature.  After terminal mode you have to reboot.  Click the button at the top left of the terminal screen"
Jul 1, 2013