APM 2.5/6 and Light Sensitivity

I am contemplating taking the APM 2.5 apart and painting the inside black to ensure the barometer is not going to sense light.  Any reason I shouldn't do this?

If the barometer is sensitive to light why would the case be transparent? I don't think I care about seeing the status LED's.

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  • This was my method.

    I cut 2 small pieces of tape and placed itwhere the indicator LED's are before spraying the inside flat black with some auto primer. Once dry peeled those back, and while it's hard to see in the second photo, but you can make out the small area's that are still translucent near the PM and GPS ports.  

    Last I cut the slightest bit off the corner of the translucent pink foam that is nearest the LED's by the baro, then stretched some black 3m sticky foam real thin and applied it to the pink foam to block light from the nearby LED's bleeding through.  

    Tested the baro with different setups and this is the most stable it has ever been.


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  • In the beginning of this video I play with light interference on the baro. I've fixed my problems by painting the inside of the APM case with liquid electrical tape.

  • Ah just paint the inside black, put the foam back in, tape the edge and be done.  I am not using any of the Ax channels and thinking about covering the pins the keep out any dirt and any light coming in since the barometer is nearby.  Hope everyone is having good flights.

  • Hi,

    I made a simple cover from balsa wood to protect baro against sunlight and wind. It is working fairly well. Here is the video:

    and here is the test flight. I will have to test it during some windy days, this day it was only light breeze.


  • After reading whole of this tread I'm quit sure the light sensitive barometer reporting suddenly drop or rise in altitude is causing the motors to shut of if reporting to high and opposite when reporting to low cause the motors to accelerate at maximum which again could cause the multirotor to flip if not pid is tuned right.

    This explains all this unexplained behaviors with this pattern.

    How to let airflow into a box without light?
    What is the best foam to use
    How small must the airflow holes be to eliminate enough light from outside and still get enough air?

  • ended up in the wrong place, oops

  • MR60
    I have made a post here: http://diydrones.com/group/arducopterusergroup/forum/topics/help-ne...
    For an unexplainable altitude drop of my quad in auto mission resulting in a crash as i switched in STAB to try to recoup the descent.
    I was indeed flying in full bright sun and the APM case (2,5) is on top well exposed.
    Could this be caused by this light sensitivity ? If true more people are going to have problems in summer when flying because everybody now tries to place APM as far as possible from the EMI sources , this means high on top.
  • Just wanted to confirm some tests i just completed; bottom line is 100% light affects the reported height of the copter.

    All i did was simply take off in the shade under a tree - I was manually hovering at 5 feet in the air. Under the shade, height was shown properly (5-8 feet). As soon as I moved the copter over into the light, the value shot to 17-20 (although the copter's height never deviated. It's not once or twice, but like clockwork; every time you go into the sunshine, you will see a big change in height.

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