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Brian MacKay posted a discussion
I have been using an older Mission Planner with 2.8.1 on my hexa. I want to update my quad to 3.0. What is the best way to do this? I need the latest Mission Planner for 3.0 but don't you get all the new parameters when trying to use the old…
Jul 1, 2013
Brian MacKay commented on Daniel Jardine's blog post Tiny Thermal Cameras for drones...
"Living in Canada I am very used to ITAR restrictions.  One thing I did not see was any reference to how to handle the video out.  Onboard recording like a GoPro is one way or transmission to the ground as with FPV flying is another.  The data sheet…"
Jun 4, 2013
Brian MacKay replied to Ali Mazi's discussion Ditch the GoPro, it's the Canon SD1400is !
"Has anyone judged the jello differences between the various GoPros?  I have the original GoPro and I find it really tough to isolate well enough.  I have always thought a CCD camera would make it so much easier but as someone pointed out.  The GoPro…"
Apr 21, 2013
Brian MacKay replied to Sean Tierney's discussion FPV transmitter and camera powered off of 3S LiPo?
"I have used 3S lipos directly to power camera and Tx a number of times without any smoke issues.  One thing nobody has mentioned is brown-out performance.  Your main battery pack voltage is going up and down a lot in direct  proportion to your…"
Apr 9, 2013
Brian MacKay commented on Manfred Dickgiesser's blog post I Wish I Was Excited About The GoPro Camera Craze
"I bought the original Hero HD when they came out, worked for a few days and literally burned out.  Smoke and an serious smell came out of the SD slot.  I contacted them, they were quite apologetic and after sending them my camera, they sent me a new…"
Mar 25, 2013
Brian MacKay replied to Vince Hogg's discussion De-shaking, editing frustrations gopro.
"You are definitely saving uncompressed files if the size is huge.  It plays poorly because computers have a ton of processing power but limited data bus bandwidth.  I have done a lot of deshaking of GoPro data.  Your success will depend greatly on…"
Mar 16, 2013
Brian MacKay posted a discussion
Where do I go to get 2.81?  I have loaded 2.9 and done some test flying.  I want to flip back to 2.8.1 to tyr something and I don't know where to find it.  I thought I could go to:  http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/downloads/list  but I only…
Jan 29, 2013
Brian MacKay posted a discussion
I am looking for a simple two stage RTL fail safe function.  My scenario is probably a pretty common one.  With loss of radio contact, my Futaba receiver goes to its own failsafe.  This will trigger my failsafe operation, in my case RTL.  For the…
Dec 20, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Crashpilot1000's discussion Missing an option to ease my life...
"If numbers help I was going to ask for just that very thing."
Dec 19, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Juan R's discussion Dji F550 all stock new to ArduPilot Mega 2.0 problems
"I have the exact same frame motors. Make sure you have thoroughly read the Arducopter tuning thread for ideas but I manually tuned my way to:P=.140, I=.010, D=.006.Following the guide and emphasizing getting D correct I wound up at P=.166, I=.010,…"
Dec 3, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Bill Patterson's discussion Lipo SAG
"What you are seeing is very normal and depends on the internal battery resistance. I also second the the quality of Hyperion cells. I use 4 year old 3300 mAh Hyperions and they are really good batteries. I use them in a number of sizes and everytime…"
Dec 3, 2012
Brian MacKay posted discussions
Nov 21, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Brian MacKay's discussion Another Alt Hold tuning question
"Based on the other thread, I should add to mine that I have no sonar sensor, My APM 2.5 is in the APM 2.0 little plastic case, there is black tape immediately above the baro sensor to block light, and there is a small cotton swab sitting on the…"
Nov 21, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Josh Potter's discussion (updated video) PID tuning. Copter wants to pull back after giving long forward pitch input in stabilize mode
"What mode does this happen in?  I have seen similar resistance to flying when I use Loiter and force it to change locations.  In those cases I find it much more natural to switch to alt-hold, fly, then re-engage Loiter.
If this is happengin in…"
Nov 21, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Brian MacKay's discussion APM2.5 modified its own mission plan after hard landing
"I figured it out.  My channel 7 was set to the default for setting way points.  However I was using channel 7 for camera tilt.  When I tilted the camera all the way down (not the channel end point), and I also turned the copter completely over, it…"
Nov 12, 2012
Brian MacKay replied to Brian MacKay's discussion APM2.5 modified its own mission plan after hard landing
"Does anyone have a wiki link to the use of channel 7, I know I have seen it at one time."
Nov 12, 2012