• I'm guessing you could download the previous version, do an uninstall & then install the previous version?

    To view changes, visit source and scroll until you find "Mission Planner ..." in the commit log listing, click on the Mission Planner entry

    I'm a noob so there might be a better way.

    Doug B.

  • This would be very helpful to all, I have similar issues occurring with 1.2.17. Since I upgraded yesterday my quads have been wobbling massively when descending, also in super sharp turns. I did all the backup and recovery I normally do when upgrading, including re-calibration etc...etc... I am wondering what has changed in the PID side....... I am going to back down to the prior version today and re-test stability. It would be great to know what changes occurred in this update!

  • I'll second this.

    I have never been able to find a list of changes to the software. I currenly have everything working perfectly and get very nervous when I update Mission Planner, just in case it causes a glitch or has a bug that may have been missed...


    Is there an update history page?

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