De-shaking, editing frustrations gopro.


There must be thousands of people doing exactly what I am trying to do so am seeking advice here.


What I would like to do-


-Download the MP4 from my gopro (hero3, using 1080p 5-fps at the moment).

-Use some software to reduce the shakes.

-Perhaps trim/join add music etc.

-Save in a format of my choice.


Where its going wrong-

-Im using virtualdub with deshaker. Seems to be quite good and I expect I can improve the settings.

There appears to be no choice to save except AVI. It is saving an AVI file 10x the original MP4 size. WMP will play it but most other editing stuff gives errors.

-Handbrake says its a protected file.

-VLC says CFHD ‘no way’.

-Mercalli V2 stops halfway and closes down.


What did I do before computers?


Any advice welcome.



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  • You could try Mpeg streamclip for conversion?

  • There's a program called AppGeeker video converter that you can use to convert files to other format with much smaller sizes (among other things)
    I use it to convert videos from AVI to iPad format.
    You can use to to shrink your video size as well as format it for web upload, and there is also a edit feature, pretty basic, and should work for what you need. - file merge/ split, trim, crop, etc.

    Please keep in mind everytime you convert/render/compress you lose some data. Generally, the larger file size, the better video quality.
    Been using it for a while now.
  • There is a workflow required for Virtualdub deshaking and you are doing on a few of the steps. These are what we do:

    1. Convert the video to divx or avi raw from out-of-camera format using WinX HD Converter.

    2. Run Virtualdub/Deshaker process with pass 2 output to raw AVI

    3. Convert from raw AVI to MP4 (or whatever works best with your editor of choice).

    4. Edit the video in Premier or After Affects.

    5. Encode using Adobe encoder to final video format for publication or upload. 

    FWIW, all the cache files for all adobe products and Virtualdub are on SSD drives. This takes a while to do but using SSD helps a LOT. Also, all of our editing systems are i7-980x or 2011bus systems with 18+gb ram. Virtualdub will run in 4gb (barely) but After Affects won't.

    Good luck, JAZCAM

  • Hi Vince, I'm also using VirtualDub and Deshaker to remove the shakes and bumps from my GoPro hero3 Black Edition and here's the result.

    When I got the GoPro Hero 3 BE, it provided a very good software - GoPro Cineform studio that does the conversion of the MP4 into AVI. .I believe you can download it free after providing your email contact.

    I have purchased and used the CineForm Neo Scene previously before Cineform was bought over by GoPro and their codec is very robust, though the resulting AVIs are fairly large.

    With the Cineform Studio Codecs installed, you should be able to open it in VirtualDub. I'm very pleased with the results I got.

  • You could try using FormatFactory (free) to change the video codec to a more efficient one to reduce the file size, and for removing the camera shakes I use a plugin called Mercalli V2 (not so free). Fairly decent results, just glad work has the license :)

  • the best result I obtained with Virtualdub is when no part of heli or plane is visible on the movie.

    If you have visible parts from heli or plane (motors and props, wings, etc), Virtualdub deshaking process will try to make those static objects as reference and the process will not have the best result. Try first to crop the movie to hide the static objects (heli or plane part) and then apply the deshaking process.

    See below one of my test with Virtualdub with a diy quad h-frame with  GoPro Hero2

  • Just got one uploaded

  • Moderator

    Hi Vince,

    How is your GoPro attached to the copter?  Is it on top, or underneath?  I don't have any shaking at all with mine and it's mounted underneath - held with Velcro at either end of the camera, not along the side of the camera.

    As for software, Adobe Premiere Elements is just fantastic for what you're wanting to do - and it's not that expensive.  You don't have to worry about converting anything to anything (and potentially lose quality) - it just does it all.  You can then export to anything at all and then upload to vimeo/youtube quite easily.

    An example of my GoPro footage is here:


  • Try this :

     1. Install mp4cam2avi and convert the mp4 files from the go pro to AVIs. These you can now open in vdub

     2. Install the x264vfw codec.

     3. Open the AVIs in vdub, apply whatever filters you want, including deshaker. Save compressing with x264.

     4. Done.

  • Developer

    Hi Vince,

    Here are my 720P processing files for Virtual Dub and Deshaker and the Barrel distortion filter to remove the fish eye.

    It is a two pass process that then saves at the end. You can use other codecs to compress the video as well. I use the K-Lite codec pack. There are some issues with some compression techniques that VirtualDub can't use because you must pay for them.

    This video shows the results I achieved.



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