Redmond, WA

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Software engineer, SA, project manager, pilot, and UAV / Drone entrepeneur....

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Commercial for aerial video and film work. Multi Asset control.


Everywhere... Back in the U.S. for now... Thailand too risky.

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Jeff Zika replied to iftikhar khan's discussion needed in ArduCopter User Group
"Try a x 16 as shown in the pic. We did one for a military customer years ago. Meets your weight and payload requirements. Let me know if you interested and I can send you the files."
Jun 6, 2017
Jeff Zika replied to Bo Wingo's discussion How Do YOU Design Multicopters? in ArduCopter User Group
"start with the load, endurance, pack-ability, and reliability requirements then find a motor prop combination that comes close and design around it.

The weight can vary greatly. For example, I have two heavy quads with basically the same power…"
Dec 26, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to VENKAT RAVI KISHORE's discussion Help me to find out suitable camera gimbal for APM2.5 in ArduCopter User Group
"Anything but DJI will work with APM with separate stabilizer or using the APM for stabilization (with brushless controller if applicable).

Nov 26, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to azerty09's discussion throttle and elevons lowers when switching to stabilize, heeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in ArduPlane User Group
"Had a similar problem. Ended up being a trim issue. Had to reset centers on the elevon servos and the control horns. Fixed the problem.

As for throttle, your cruise throttle setting may be too low. Try turning on throttle pass-through."
Sep 9, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to iskess's discussion Redundant Systems
"This appears to happen without a GPS lock in all modes except stabilize and manual. Just flies right into the ground. (lost GPS lock a few times last week)"
Aug 27, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to iskess's discussion Redundant Systems
"I did some work in this area last year. We never built the system designed but it should work. We decided to go with redundant receivers, one connected to the APM and one not. The key was to use a PowerBox receiver failsafe system. All the servo…"
Aug 26, 2013
Jeff Zika commented on u4eake's blog post Crossing the English Channel (France-England) and back autonomously
"This has been tried, and using an APM. Couldn't do it do to the French. They ended up doing a flight to an island that was the same distance. . It was all on TV done my James May (Top Gear). It's all on YouTube.

Oh, and they did it with a glider!"
Jul 29, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to DB's discussion quad motors overheating and ESC calibration in ArduCopter User Group
"Are the hot motors rotating CW (from top)? And, what type of motors are they? Some motors build a fan into the bell casing which is rotating the wrong direction for the reverse pitch pair, thus those motors do not cool as well as the others. Same…"
May 9, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to Vince Hogg's discussion De-shaking, editing frustrations gopro.
"There is a workflow required for Virtualdub deshaking and you are doing on a few of the steps. These are what we do:

1. Convert the video to divx or avi raw from out-of-camera format using WinX HD Converter.
2. Run Virtualdub/Deshaker process with…"
Mar 22, 2013
Jeff Zika replied to TUFAN OZBEK's discussion win8 mobile phone with APM planner!? in ArduCopter User Group
"Isn't APM Planner written in Java? If so, it should be relatively easy to port to the HTML5 display format of Windows 8 Mobile / RT."
Nov 26, 2012
Jeff Zika replied to TUFAN OZBEK's discussion win8 mobile phone with APM planner!? in ArduCopter User Group
"Don't bother. Windows 8 mobile won't run generic Windows apps. Apps must be specifically developed for Windows 8. APM planner is not. 

To run APM Planner on Windows 8 you need a full pc version. Won't work on tablet (non-pc tablet) or phone."
Nov 26, 2012
Jeff Zika commented on lot's blog post Quad copter flying for 4-8 hours
"Ok, these "look" like E-Flight 52. Even if they are as large as the 160 there is no way this thing is getting more than 20 min flight time (E-Flite Power 160, 10s4p6000, 20x6, 500g frame weight, 11kg GW) Other setups can get as much as 20kg GW with…"
Sep 1, 2012
Jeff Zika commented on lot's blog post Quad copter flying for 4-8 hours
"50lbs lift capacity? 1.5m frame width? 100m range (with satellite, maybe???). Who are they kidding?

Now I've been designing multirotors for a while now and NOTHING with only 4 rotors is going to meet these specs. Law of diminishing returns...

Aug 30, 2012
Jeff Zika replied to Josh Potter's discussion Switching from Futaba to Spektrum
"Don't do it. The receivers have some cool tech like on-board voltage regulators and such but the system is quite prone to interference from cell towers. In particular, the directional 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz point to point connections between the towers.…"
Aug 30, 2012
Jeff Zika replied to David Brewster's discussion DJI equipment violently flips in ArduCopter User Group
"I had the same problem with HIL testing in xPLane. Just continued to flip over on power up. Using 2.7 HIL Quad-X. Haven't tried on real quad yet. "
Aug 16, 2012
Jeff Zika commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPlane home page
"Ok here is a weird one. On long tracks between waypoints greater than 64km apart, approx every 5 minutes the autopilot goes offline resulting in a hard dive, random roll, and throttle to idle. It recovers in 1-2 seconds, stabilizes the aircraft, and…"
Jul 16, 2012