Dear Friends,

     I wanna buy one suitable camera gimbal for my quadcopter and it has to support by the APM2.5. I found some of the gimbals but those are well suit with the DJI controllers but I don't have any DJI controllers. SO please help me to find out some good Gimbals for mt Quad-copter and it has to suit with APM2.5.


Ravi Kishore MV

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  • Again, it has NOTHING to do with APM. You would do yourself a lot of good to read up on arduino. Tons of stuff on the web including the software that is free.

    Firmware loaded SimpleBGC_2_2b2 (works with GUI: SimpleBGC_GUI_2_2b2
  • Mark,
    If you have the arduino program to control the pitch and roll, can you please send it to me. because I don't have good knowledge in arduino programming. and as shown in photo, is it enough to connect that particular pin to arduino?? actually I planned to order the gimbal for my quad as shown in the photo.
    Thanks in Advance
  • Guys,
    I need the one which I can control the pitch and roll from my APM2.5. Because for my FPV I have to capture videos in different angles. MARK can you please tell me the procedure how to control pitch n roll using the transmitter (Im using futaba T8J transmitter).
  • hi jeff,

    what ever the gimbals you have listed below are too costly and they are out of my budget and they are bigger in size. Right now i have DJI f550 Flame wheel so i need a gimbal that fits to my hexcopter. Thanks in advance.
  • Anything but DJI will work with APM with separate stabilizer or using the APM for stabilization (with brushless controller if applicable).


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