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lot posted a blog post
We are the Dronecoria team, and we believe technology can help to fight the climate crisis.One of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change and restore the health of our ecosystems is reforestation. To speed up this process we…
Feb 20, 2020
lot commented on Echo G's blog post EDIT: Get assembled smart batteries on Kickstarter Campaign
"Cool, but open source "only" the case is like nothing, not what open source people are waiting for.
We are looking for open source electronics.
Thanks anyway."
Jan 27, 2020
lot posted a blog post
We spend the last month in Brazil in the University of Rondonopolis to build a drone for large scale restoration.This is the video of the construction process. It can sow up to 10 kg of coated seeds in 10 minutes in 1 hectare. Dronecoria was invited…
Dec 26, 2019
lot posted a blog post
As you probably know, the increasing temperatures as created a generation of wild fires that are destroying the forests of California, Chile, Spain, Asia, and other different dry areas of the world.With this problem in mind we have created this…
Apr 2, 2019
lot commented on lot's blog post Dronecoria: Open Source Forest Restoration with Drones
"Thanks for your feedback Sam.
In the Ground Station side, we need to improve how to do the operations, like if we draw a big area for sowing, we should be able to divide it automatically in different flight paths, for come back, change the battery,…"
Feb 8, 2018
lot posted a blog post
Dear Drone Community,As you probably know, our wildlife and nature is in danger, only last year millons of hectares was devastated by wildfire in California, Europe, and Asia. If we don't do anything, the recuperation of this areas will take long…
Feb 7, 2018
lot commented on Bill Piedra's blog post Optical Drone Swarming - Dobby with Snapdragon Flight & AprilTags
"But is the code for doing this swarm accesible or open?
Or if we buy this drone we need to write the code from scratch to do this things?
Jul 30, 2017
lot commented on Jose Pena's blog post PingLocust Long-Range Control System Based on Android
"Congratulations,But there are already different projects like this
Damage that any one is Open Source :("
Dec 19, 2016
lot commented on Colin Snow's blog post Can AeroVironment Compete in the Commercial Drone Market?
"Looks like the VTOL structure of this UAV is similar to the Quad Rocket, but improved with more horizontal wing surface, reducing the vertical wing.
How do you call this structure? Until now I've called them rocket quad, but this does not look like…"
Dec 3, 2016
lot commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post [mRo] The new DIY store
"Thanks for your effort Jordi,
Hope to see soon an HD.T.C for DIY community!"
Nov 30, 2016
lot commented on Pete Hollands's blog post Drones are not ready for the mass consumer market
"I suggest a different title:People are not ready for the mass consumer drone"
Oct 30, 2016
lot commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New 3DR autopilot: Pixhawk Mini
"The manufacturing is made by 3DR or by Hobbyking?"
Oct 28, 2016
lot commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Thanks for the discussion guys.Mavic just create a high challenge, this is amazing, what we can do and how for make a better drone?Can 3D designers create a better compact and foldable drone?Can hardware hackers work with Movidius chip for get a…"
Oct 21, 2016
lot replied to Jota Parro's discussion Que hay de nuevo? in Spanish arducopter Users
"Instalate el último que te deje Mission planner.
Para apm 2.5 la versión está estancada y no se desarrolla más, pero vuela perfectamente."
Jul 7, 2016
lot commented on Chris Anderson's blog post July 4th sale on 3DR Solo: $479 without gimbal, $599 with gimbal
"I'm confused now.
Today, here in Spain this is the price:

Europe: $914
In USA the standard price is $799.95 ?
Why this difference of price?I would like to buy one today, but I can not see any offer  :("
Jul 4, 2016
lot commented on Sven Hoffmann's blog post FPV & R/C over multiple public cellular networks
"Impressive work!
Safely remotely piloted transportation of small packets.
Can reduce dramatically the needs of petrol and energy for transportation.
I'm wondering if this is totally legal doing it for profit in different countries."
Jun 17, 2016