back on street on minute 22:00 ;)

Today i´d tried the first high speed tests on public streets with our rover. Time was good cause the streets were empty during the german football match. And, what could i say, i´m impressed how perfect the FPV (720p25 latency max 200ms) and R/C (Latency max. 70ms)  over multiple public cellular networks did work at 30kph.


not only autonomous driven is interesting - think about the opportunities of remote control driven vehicles by operator 

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  • 720p25 latency max 200ms

    That is a pretty amazing frame rate over cellular. Which video compression format were you using, and did you use any libraries or roll your own code?

  • MR60

    Oops Sven, didn't know about your separation.I'm always very diplomatic as you see... Now send your rover to look out for replacement(s) !

  • 100KM

    That is amazing, very inspiring, thanks for posting! What kind of endurance do you expect? Ship your rover to me in South Africa and you can explore a new planet =)

  • Awesome Sven. Looks really cool. I'm going to have to make the same setup on my Revo! 

    I think it would be good to have a 360", or fish-eye lens at least to see sideways a bit more when your crossing a street etc. You're very courageous driving around like that on the street! I suppose at least the only real danger is that you could hit a pedestrian or bike rider, it shouldn't damage a car though, unless the car swerves to miss you and hits something.  

    I'm wondering what your setup is. Are you using Pixhawk connected to a companion computer running mavproxy, and then routing steering commands via mission planner joystick setup, as well as using gstreamer on a pi/USB camera via onboard 3G/4G dongle? I'm a bit surprised at the low latency. I'm assuming your using a ADSL connection at home? Similar setup we're using for the Outback Challenge but with a quadplane! ;-)

    To make it really interesting we should hook up and do RC drive from the other-side of the planet! You drive my RC car here, and I drive yours in the Heimatland! What do you think? We could even have "global races" where individuals can all participate in a remote FPV race, where the cars race together but the drivers can be anywhere on the planet...a bit like online console gaming but with real "physics" an real RC cars!

    A new hybrid eSport maybe? :-)


  • Developer


  • guys, thx for positive feedback. I´m preparing for some very-long-range-missions we will do this weekend. Something like exploring restricted areas more than 10km away from Home/BaseStation. Another Goal is testing network-reliability during driving home from there. Will keep you update.

    Bart, hear that the german football-team is not at it´s best at the moment. So i apprehend that there will be not a lot capabilities during the EM:/. 

    Hugues, my wife left me two years ago. But not about all the tec ;) so, what could i say, thankful for what i get: a lot of time, paid with a broken heart . Backward never forward ever ;)

    Max, our next step will be copter or VTOL. GroundBasedVehicle is much more harder to handle than machines up in the air. Cause there are zero dead-spots in the air (means over near mountain-tops) . 

    What could i say, boundless opportunities .... SAR, FirstAid, FireFighting, Logistics, surveillance , new genre of gaming (playable diorama ;) ... mindblowing

  • Awesome ! we are trying to do that here in Uruguay with quadcopters. Having UAVs ready to fly in case of emergency in the country. We will post our results.

  • MR60

     it looks like I have found somebody even geeker than I am. Great ! What does your woman think about such a nice driving wheel in the living room ? I bet you 're in trouble (or you'll be soon).

    More seriously, can you share more details about your chassis and video transmission setup ?

  • Impressive work!

    Safely remotely piloted transportation of small packets.

    Can reduce dramatically the needs of petrol and energy for transportation.

    I'm wondering if this is totally legal doing it for profit in different countries.

  • Awesome! So if Germany makes it to the finals you can do a lot more testing!

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