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    Go Pro Karma has been recalled. Money back for anyone that purchased one. Done undercover of the election news.

  • @John AB I will say that each generation of DJI products seems to go further in making their systems idiot proof. I have a lot of Ardupilot based FCs  and a Phantom 3 and 4. You really have to work very hard to mess up with a Phantom 4. I am a little leery about the fact that you cannot select ATTI mode from the Mavik controller though, but in truth most users would have no idea how to fly ATTI anyway.

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    And sometimes the drone system will just fail ... 

  • Yes, impressive system :o Rob , that's true.

  • You mean like this? (what happens when you don't ignore mechanical engineering)

    Keep in mind, table-saws ARE mass market.  And this product has never made much market penetration.

  • The poor drones needs a sensor against humans LOL

  • Here is an example, how a drone with a lot of sensors does the same exercise:

    In most cases the problem is definitely not in the drone.

  • At least she kept the dog inside.


    David R. Boulanger

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    That edge case is kinda obvious and in my opinion the Mavic did the only thing it realistically could do.

    They took of in opti (optical tracking) mode in a environment with terrible GPS reception. You can see the remote switching between OPTI, GPS and ATTI mode multiple times during the flight as GSP reception comes and goes.

    When it left the terrace out into the open it suddenly had a huge error in ground truth, and was most likely outside the range of the sensors to detect the ground. And having no reliable GPS position to compensate, it did the only thing it could do which was to slowly descend towards the ground to either get back into sensor range or do a controlled emergency landing in case of sensor failure. After a while once it had reestablished ground truth and at least gotten some GPS reception, normal operation was resumed.

    Overall I'm actually impressed by how well it dealt with the case.

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    An interesting edge case of No GPS, then GPS for the DJI Mavic Drone. Switch on the Google Captions with translations to understand what is being said in English.

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