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luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post Why the need For an 2,4ghz RC uplink?
"Some good point here! I think what i would like to do is keep it as simple as possible, Anyone should be able to buy the same parts and copy me. Im not really looking on over complicating things and just thought that maybe i could use the Telemetry…"
Sep 21, 2017
luke cooke posted a blog post
Hi all,I Have a plan to build my own handheld groundcontroll station and was thinking about the 2,4ghz rc side of things... With having  a 433mhz telemetry uplink is there any need for a Traditional RC link?If my Thinking is correct the 3DR Solo…
Sep 20, 2017
luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"I agree its great to hear that everyone is on pretty much the same page on the subject. I used to love coming to this site reading about peoples Diy projects, there was pretty much new stuff daily. Nowadays It is more what big companies or…"
Oct 21, 2016
luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Lot of great point here and great to see you still have one of my frames Marc!!

I suppose we are at a crossroads, People who where pushed down the DIY route because They needed to take images from the sky will nowadays be more tempted by the off…"
Oct 20, 2016
luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Yes for sure the coolness factor has worn off, Now everyone can own a Drone without having to program it themselves. Just open the box and go.

But I do feel that the DIY side of this has Peaked and the Larger entities are starting to lead the way."
Oct 19, 2016
luke cooke posted a blog post
I remember a time a few years back where we DIYer's where leading the way in drone advancement, It was here where I  was first presented with an autopilot, Before that It never even crossed my mind that commercialy affordable autopilots would ever…
Oct 19, 2016
luke cooke commented on Zubax Robotics's blog post PX4 Sapog - advanced open source ESC from the PX4 team
"79Usd..... What makes this so expensive? Im sure alot of work went it to it, but really.... 79$$$ that means for a quad we are at 316$ just for the esc's."
Aug 20, 2016
luke cooke replied to Gary McCray's discussion Vibration Isolation and Dampening of APM / PX4 for version 2.9
"Lots Of great Info on this post!!
I Did alot of experiments with vibration dampening last year and came up with a really good design, I called it the explorer4 and also made it open source. www.explorer4-quadcopter.com
It started out as just an…"
Jun 19, 2016
luke cooke posted photos
Oct 3, 2015
luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post The MK.2 Explorer4, Result of an open source frame.
"Exactly Marc, You have the option of 2 axis or a 3 axis gimball.
Looking forward to seeing your build!!! be sure to send me some pictures and ill put them on the website."
Sep 28, 2015
luke cooke posted a blog post
Hey Folks,I would like to show you the Explorer4 MK.2.This quad is the result of everyones feedback from the First version about a year ago, I have taken all the input and ideas from the comunity and incorperated them into the design, While still…
Sep 27, 2015
luke cooke replied to Marco's discussion Quadcopter summer project with kids in ArduCopter User Group
"Looks like you have already selected your parts, but my project videos may still be of help to you.


There is a complete parts list and build guide for the quad that I designed.
There is also a revision 2 of the frame…"
Jul 21, 2015
luke cooke replied to Gonzalo Garat's discussion APM 3.2 QUADCOPTER Err: EKF_CHECK-2 / Err: FAILSAFE_ EKF-1
"I have also Had this error once before, After much reading I came to the conclusion that it must be a DCM error. Finally tracked it down to the a yaw error. But still have no idea what caused it???
It did only appear once and I havent had it again.…"
May 13, 2015
luke cooke replied to Shaheen Adelinia's discussion Underpowered quad problem (clone pixhawk issue?) [renamed post due to TOS]
"Man There is alot of hate here.

I think sometimes People tend to forget the fustration of people when they are writing and asking questions, I know When I ask a question its usually a least resort because I am out of ideas. No matter how the…"
May 13, 2015
luke cooke commented on luke cooke's blog post Explorer4 frame is now open source
"There is no reason for not to be used for something like that. Allthough it is designed for a gopro gimbal, there is nothing stopping you downloading the drawing and modifing the front part slightly for a Fixed vertical camera.

I know people are…"
Jan 16, 2015
luke cooke posted a blog post
Hi all,I posted here a while back about my Quad frame and thought it would be a good idea to post a quick update.....For those that missed the first post this is a Quadcopter frame in the Spider style but the difference being that the bottom plate…
Jan 15, 2015