Building a great Quad on the Cheap.

3689615556?profile=originalA few weeks ago I made Public my latest project The Explorer 4, Since then I have had many emails asking how to build it even cheaper. How to save money on the Electronics?

Many people who are just starting out dont need a Taranis radio or FPV gear with gimball, they just want to learn to fly. I have Put together a Different parts list to be used with my frame that will get the quad flying for about 450usd including Transmitter/reciever and charger.

Due to the fact that the quad is designed to be a DIY project you can start with this basic setup and slowly add the Different motors, FPV gear and gimball as you wish.

Here is the link to the Parts list I have made:

Let me know what you think.

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  • Hi Luke,

    Maybe its just my Chrome, but the main picture on your Explorer 4 site doesn't display, the video does, but the picture doesn't, like it can't find it or it isn't there.

    I get the Alt "Main" title instead.

    I use a lot of the 4 in 1 ESCs and I like them, the only thing I don't like about them is that calibrating them and reprogramming them is not always successful.

    I have used the 4 in 1 programming card to program them and the 4 to 1 connector to calibrate them all at once but they often fail to calibrate properly.

    Basically I have found that stock programming will work for almost anything and all at once calibration while connected to the APM or Pixhawk works best.

    Props still may not start properly on initial arming and may not initially speed up at same time or rate.

    But once throttle is advanced they seem to work fine.

    Best Regards,


  • I have some links for even cheaper if you are interested.Less costs in shipping too.

    30A SimonK single esc's 24 euro for 4, I prefer 4 separate ones myself

    5000mAh Lipo 26 euro,

    Flight controller 14 euro multiwii controller

    Propellers 8.50 euro

    Or you can really go cheap and build your own flight controller from a arduino nano and a gyro for less than 10 euro.Uses the multiwii project.Can be expanded upon but if just to get the basics,its brilliant.

  • I'm going to add the Q- brain as an option on my parts list, It would be alot easyer and cheaper to install. Maybe i just got a bad one.

  • I've been using a combination of 20A and 25A Q-Brains (rebranded Quattro's) on 3 frames without fault, the only time I've run into problems is reversing the polarity when connecting to a power module once and that only fried the power module (fortunately).

  • @Brendan22

    Ive had a Qbrain once before, The idea behind it is good but what happens when one of the ESC's break for some reason, You have a broken Q brain. I learned that the hard way, Personaly I prefer Separate ESC's.


    Sharing the Design files is not realy something ive thought about, My cad drawing is pretty chaotic and hard for anyone but myself to understand. I Might Rework the drawing and release it some time. That being said If you did want one cutting with some modifications I could do that no problem.

  • Hello 

    Care to share the cad design of your beatifull quad..

  • Q Brain 4 in 1 ESC works out a little cheaper and makes the power distribution easier.

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