Underpowered quad problem (clone pixhawk issue?) [renamed post due to TOS]

Whats up yall. So there will be profanity in this post. If you have small children have them look away now.

I am on my last wit here. If this cannot get fixed, I will post a video of me blowing up this f*****g quad in some shape or form. All work Flawlessly and the issue came out of absolute nowhere.

So............. New Motors, New ESC's, ALL new wiring. Only the bare essentials connected. Reinstalled Pixhawk firmware. Re-Flashed pixhawk. Re-Flashed Devo Transmitter. Tested quad with pre-arm off. Re calibration of pixhawk. Tried again. Removed power module. Powering pixhawk with 5v leads from ESC's.

The quad cannot leave the ground......It seems as if the quad is EXTREMELY under powered. When at full throttle, the thing runs for a few more seconds, then a full blackout. I mean FULL blackout. ESC's, Flight Controller. even with the battery connected. To power back on, The battery needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help.....................................for god's f*****g sake.

P.S. I intended on using more profanity.....

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Have you done an ESC calibration?

Many Many Times

What kind of ESCs are you using? And why are you powering Pixhawk from an ESC, rather than the Power Module?

Just to rule out the power module being bad. Is it possible the pixhawk has burned in some way? If i take away one motor, the rest seem to power at full tilt.......Its as if something is drawing way too much somewhere. But I have checked every single connection, solder point. Everything...

I have been through 3 full sets of different branded ESC's

Possibly. It is an official 3DR Pixhawk? If so, you can contact customer support and they can send you a new one. help@3drobotics.com

Unfortunately this was a pixhawk purchased off of ebay. No warranteethru 3DR

Ah. There's your problem. Clone quality can be pretty poor. 

So there is literally no other option huh...

What battery are you using? C-rating? 

Batteries, prop size and motor Kv can make an enormous difference in power of a quad. You'll need to state which motors exactly, which ESC's you're using, which batteries (cells and c-rating) and your prop size you're using?


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