Dji F550 all stock new to ArduPilot Mega 2.0 problems

Hi everybody i have a dji f550 got a ArduPilot Mega 2.0  i wanted to give a try but so far no luck its driving  crazy all defalut settings everything flight mode stable simple mode off i manage to hover then flips when i make inputs its raining ill put a video up soon

i still have my naza and gps but i really want this to work im in los Angeles Area maybe someone can helpme out explain i do work at a local hobby shop Thanks Every body and will post video soon thanks

f550 pid.jpg

f550 pid 2.jpg

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  • Hey guys went back to the 450 frame cause i totally had forgotten about battery consumption on my f550 so picked up some 450 base plates and mounted the board on top and battery fits in the middle optimal gps signal ill post video tommorow again seems tame now just loiter and pos hold working so so

  • I have the exact same frame motors. Make sure you have thoroughly read the Arducopter tuning thread for ideas but I manually tuned my way to:P=.140, I=.010, D=.006.

    Following the guide and emphasizing getting D correct I wound up at P=.166, I=.010, D=.014, the "I" is not tuned I just threw it back in so it was not 0.


    The wobbles are in fact a sign of P being too high and mine flew the same way out of the box. If you are getting weird flips, check your board mounting. I used the small plastic case and velcroed it solidly down. The velcro damps out a lot of vibration but holds the unit steady. The velcro acts like a low pass filter.

    BTW, I edit my values in the table view rather than scrolling up and down in the menu view.


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    Hi Juan, 

    I'll help you get this tuned. I'll need the flash log of that flight. It will tell me everything I need to know to get it going.

    You can download the flash logs from the planner or by using Arduino serial window.

    Then just post them here.


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    As I recall, because that's a smaller frame you need to turn down the Rate_Roll_P value by about 20%. Not sure, but play around with that parameter. Up, down, you should be able to see the difference pretty easily. 

  • Ok reflashed it and it seem good now just a little woobly when i realease the sticks kind of jello im gonna read more up on this
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