I Wish I Was Excited About The GoPro Camera Craze


I was about to by a GoPro, but I’m not so sure about it anymore, after reading this.....

Not to a few hundred people, not to a few thousand people, and in no way should you be selling hundreds of thousands of cameras around the world with a critical firmware or software bug that arbitrarily limits the number of photos you can take with it. But GoPro did exactly that.

But according to the latest reviews on Amazon, it doesn’t look like I’m alone at all.

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    @Bill, for the budget of this,Panasonic, you may as well purchase a real camcorder with much better lenses and video quality
  • This is what's on my list. 1080p, CCD (no jelly). 


  • Hi Hugues and Fernando

    Thanks a lot;  this cams might be a great alternative.

  • I bought the original Hero HD when they came out, worked for a few days and literally burned out.  Smoke and an serious smell came out of the SD slot.  I contacted them, they were quite apologetic and after sending them my camera, they sent me a new one.  At the time they were hard to get.  I have been planning to get the new one but these issues make me pause.

  • MR60
    I have got this great full hd cam at 128$ on amazon: http://www.liquidimageco.com/
    Better and smaller than gopro
  • GoPro isn't the first camera company to have firmware SNAFU and they won't be the last. Overall I'm very pleased with my HERO3 and was very pleased with my HERO2 previously. Using the DMCA to take down a review is very disappointing though.

  • Hi Manfred ..you might like to take a look in this "baby " http://www.photographybay.com/2012/08/29/gopro-killer-new-sony-acti...

  • T3

    The 9999 bug the blogger talks about was actually fixed in a firmware update in September 2010 and isn't an issue.

    Yes, there are definitely firmware issues with the new cameras, but I have enjoyed my HD Hero 2 for a few years now and haven't had an issue with them. Occasionally, when I added a new BacPac, I had issues but once I updated the firmware, again, it wasn't an issue.

    Now, them using DMCA to take down a bad review isn't good of them and seems sleazy of them to do. I have heard of people writing reviews on the GoPro site only to see them taken down. That gets under my skin.

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    It's unfortunate that people have issues.  I have heard issues with the original Hero and the Hero 3, but I've had no issues with my Hero 2.  It's worked a treat on 4 continents, on top of volcanic snow covered mountains and in the mud of the Amazon in South America, going through New York and LA, on the ski fields of Austria and Poland, diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and ship wrecks throughout Asia, attached to race cars and now finally (almost boringly) to my UAVs.  The footage and quality are just amazing, it can take a beating like nothing else and it just works.

  • Heh, I never got the gopro thing... I wound never spend that kind of money on a camera to fly with, not to mention the gopro is way too big and heavy for anything I have anyway.
    I dont use cameras on them at the moment but if I would feel the need Id stick a 50bucks board cam on :P
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