Using multiple mission planners on PC?

I have been using an older Mission Planner with 2.8.1 on my hexa. I want to update my quad to 3.0. What is the best way to do this? I need the latest Mission Planner for 3.0 but don't you get all the new parameters when trying to use the old firmware?Can I run two version of the Mission Planner to make things clearer?

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  • I may be possible.  Try this  ( I just did and it seems to work - not verified):

    But first... Be sure you have a way to re-install the current version you are using - I.E. download the MissionPlanner.msi for that version.  You may need it since I have not tested this process completely.

    First  Go to the location where MP is installed  Probably C:\Program Files\APM Planner  Or C:\Program Files (x86)\APM Planner and change the name of the folder to "APM Plannerxx"  where xx is the revision you currently have.

    In the folder you just renamed, doubleclick on ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe   Your current version should run.  Check it out completely to see that it has no problems.  Note all your logs are in the renamed folder. 

    If you have any issues, rename the folder to the previous name and give up.l

    If it works OK and you want a shortcut, right click and drag ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe to the desktop and create the shortcut.  Rename the shortcut so you know which version it will run.

    Now you are ready to install the new version in the folder  "APM Planner"  (the install default whick cannot be changed. even if you try)

    Download the current version MissionPlanner.msi

    double click on that file to install MP.    If you get a dialog asking if you want to upgrade or remove, click remove, as that will try to remove MP from the location APM Planner and will work a little but not remove the one in the folder you renamed.

    double click MissionPlanner.msi again and it should install the new version in the folder APM Planner.

    Again.  Please be prepared for some issues.  There could be confusion as to where files are located, configurations etc.

    If you have problems re-install your older version and give up.

    Anyone else want to confirm or deny this process works, please chime in.

  • T3
    I don't think you can run more then 1 copy of mission planner. Do you have an extra PC?
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